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Founder Andrea Quadrio Curzio
Health & Wellness
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QC NY, the first U.S. location from Italy's famed QC Terme Spa & Resorts, is on a mission to inspire New Yorkers and tourists to embrace the Italian way of doing "spa" by turning it into an entire day or evening experience rather than just an hour-long treatment. The journey begins with a five-minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan, offering a transition from the commotion of the city to the calm of Governors Island. With over 20 wellness experiences, guests can relish for hours enjoying Vichy showers, saunas, infrared beds, relaxation rooms, lush gardens, and stunning outdoor pools with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. 

Founding Story

QC Terme Spas and Resorts was established in the 1990s in Italy by two brothers, Saverio and Andrea Quadrio Curzio – thus, the name “QC.” Ultimately, it was their vision and roots in construction that enabled them to expertly innovate and develop the global brand, which offers 11 incredible destinations throughout Europe that over 1.5 million visitors from around the world come to experience each year. Locations include Bormio Bagni Vecchi, Bormio Bagni Nuovi, Pré Saint Didier, Milano, Torino, Garda, Monte Bianco, San Pellegrino, Roma, Dolomiti, and Chamonix. QC NY marks the first QC Terme location to open in the United States, with more in the works. The day spa is situated across three historic Army Barrack buildings on the Island, which have been refurbished and preserved to maintain the rich history of the local property while bringing it new life.  


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