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Purifico creates future-forward, premium personal care products that reduce single-use plastic, one pod at a time. Uncompromising Personal Care, with Purpose.


Date Established 11/2021
Founder Mark Diker, Peter Steed, Nicole Kaldes
Headquarters New York, NY
Home, Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Nicole Kaldes


Purifico creates future-forward, premium personal care products that empower you to reduce single-use plastic waste, without compromise.

Say hello to Purifico: personal care reinvented in the best possible way — a premium, uncompromising clean for you and the planet, all wrapped up in a magical biodegradable pod. Purifico concentrated formulas have all the lather and invigorating fragrances you want, with none of the synthetic ingredients or excess water that you don’t. Win-win. And all Purifico products are vegan and created from the highest-quality natural ingredients — including 100% natural fragrances, cleansers and essential oils.

Protecting Purifico single use body wash and shampoo pods meant inventing a patent pending, waterproof dispenser so that you can bring these biodegradable products where you want them most — in the shower. Simply shake to pop out a pod and enjoy a luxurious clean.

Purifico also supports like-minded partners with a commitment to 1% For The Planet and support for Big Blue and You.

Founding Story

Purifico Founder Mark Diker was driven by a profound appreciation and respect for the Earth’s most beautiful natural resources, and a belief in the simple idea that it should be easier to reduce plastic waste in your daily routine.

While walking on a remote, plastic-strewn beach with his family, he had a seemingly implausible idea: reinvent soap that works, looks and feels like what we're accustomed to -- but that leaves no waste or trace.

The premise: Everyone needs to get clean, but unfortunately many cleansing products make the planet dirty. So, in developing Purifico, products the team was determined to find ways to reduce single-use plastic waste by avoiding it in the first place.

Several years and countless tests and formulas later, Purifico's biodegradable pods and refillable Infinity Dispenser were born.

Join them in their quest to: Lather, Reduce, Repeat and help reduce single-use plastic, one pod at a time.

Team Bios

Passionate marketing and business executive with extensive experience in the personal care and skin care industries. Working to do what I can to make the world a better place by creating brands that help protect and preserve the environment.





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