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Date Established 08/2020
Founder Liyin Kok, Rafael Soto
Headquarters Seattle, WA
Press Contact Liyin Kok


Proto101 designs high quality, sustainable clothing with an ethical and responsible supply-chain.

Proto101 makes it simple for people to look, feel, and do good. They designsthe best wardrobe basics that bridge high quality, sustainable basics with performance features and durability. The fashion industry is crowded with brands offering single-end-use products that are geared for one specific wearing occasion but fall short outside of that narrow use case. Proto101's products do it all: form and function together.

Proto101 is on a mission to do good for people and the planet. In efforts to reduce their environmental impact from yarn to you, Proto101 sources sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly and socially benefit the local communities. Proto101 plants 1 tree for every garment purchased. By planting one tree, Proto101 is able to sequester up to 48lbs of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases per year which directly impacts climate change and benefits the environment.

Founding Story

With over five decades of industry experience, Proto101 is on a mission to bring you apparel in thoughtfully-engineered fabrics and designs that fit your life and your style.

Proto101 strives to offer better alternatives to disposable, “fast” fashion by sourcing sustainable fabrics, making durable garments in timeless silhouettes, supporting an ethical supply-chain, and amplifying minority voices.


Rafael Soto

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

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