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Female Founded 100% Grass-fed, Top 8 Allergy Free, Tender Texture, Unique flavored Beef Jerky


Date Established 06/2019
Founder Ashley Kohn
Headquarters Chicago, IL USA
Press Contact Ashley Kohn


Lemongrass Beef Jerky
Lemongrass Beef Jerky $6.99
Original Beef Jerky
Original Beef Jerky $6.99
Spicy Beef Jerky
Spicy Beef Jerky $6.99
Umami Beef Jerky
Umami Beef Jerky $6.99
PREVAIL Jerky Gift Box pack of 8
PREVAIL Jerky Gift Box pack of 8 $53.99


PREVAIL Jerky is the most allergy friendly, uniquely flavored, delicious, tender beef jerky that you’ll find on the market today. It's 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, Paleo/Gluten-free/Keto Certified, Top 8 Allergen-free, Low Sodium, and Cane Sugar-free, but NOT free of flavor. Committed to making clean eating on-the-go as accessible and delicious as possible, PREVAIL Jerky is made with only the best grass-finished meat. It is 100% soy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, fish-free and tree nut-free because they know how hard it is to find healthy, delicious snacks that are also allergy-friendly.

PREVAIL Jerky offers 4 crave-able flavors - Original, Spicy Umami and Lemongrass - that are anything but ordinary. Each sku comes in 2.25 ounce, 2 serving re-sealable pouches. PREVAIL is woman owned and is a Net Zero Plastic Company. They are also a founding member of the 7% Fund which donates allergy-friendly food to food banks all over the country through FEI   

Founding Story

Ashley Kohn spent years looking for a healthy jerky that didn’t compromise on flavor; only to discover that it didn’t exist.  Ashley who grew up with food allergies & has Celiac, had a hard time finding high protein snacks that didn’t contain the top 8 allergens. Why were so many healthy, high protein snacks flavorless? Determined to help his wife, Ashley's husband, Glen, decided to use his culinary skills as a self-taught chef, to come up with a solution. That’s when PREVAIL Jerky was born. No, they didn’t invent healthy beef jerky- they reinvented it!  This new, tender and amazing tasting beef jerky aims to satisfy hunger with no guilt. The result is incredible, deliciously unmatched taste, paired with the perfect tender texture that is packed with flavor, smoked to perfection and leaves you craving more. At PREVAIL, they are on a mission to help you feel healthy, and fuel yourself deliciously — ready to take on the rest of your day or whatever lies ahead. PREVAIL is a proud partner with the Food Equality Initiative, which helps donate allergy friendly food to food banks across the country. 


Ashley Kohn

Founder & CEO

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Ashley is a mom on a mission. After struggling with several food allergies most of her life and being diagnosed with Celiac disease in her early thirties (her children share her same food allergies), Ashley is determined to share PREVAIL Jerky with the over 50 Million Americans that struggle with food allergies. There was a void in the snack market when it came to delicious, top 8 allergen-free, high protein snacks. Luckily, her husband was a great at home chef and PREVAIL was born. 


Earth Fare
The Goods Mart
Erewhon Market
Foxtrot Market


"Jerky was one of my favorite childhood brother and I would eat it on every family road trip. After adopting a healthier lifestyle, it was difficult for me to find a jerky with no preservatives or artificial flavors. We were so thrilled to find PREVAIL, a high-quality, grass-fed jerky with simple ingredients and very much in line with the Erewhon clientele."

Sydney K.

Easy Healthy Snack Love Prevail Jerky because it is an easy grab, healthy snack. As a busy mom, I also have a bag with me. My 2 year old loves it too!

Katie G

Flavor!!!! It’s always a risk when you try a new jerky, but WOW, this brand is amazing! I’ll get it again👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Every flavor was distinctly delicious ( I loved the Lemongrass, my teenager dominated the spicy) and the texture was perfect, not too dry, not too damp.

Lee D.


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