Press Hook Secures Venture Funding to Create Media Opportunities for All Businesses
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - Press Hook, a Brooklyn based, tech-enabled, public relations platform, secured $1.5 million in venture-funding and saw a year of exponential growth in 2021. Notable investors include Emergent Ventures, The Fund and TnT Ventures.

Press Hook’s clients (ranging from consumer product brands, to upcoming tech brands) are now discoverable by media in a more efficient and cost effective way that allows them to fill the gaping hole where a majority of businesses miss, or never get the opportunity, to engage with the media. The ultimate vision is to build the next-gen digital newsroom, designed to automate and streamline workflow between businesses, publicists and journalists.​​

In October 2020, Press Hook was founded by CEO Michelle Songy, in response to an industry she considered inefficient and cost prohibitive for most startups and small businesses.

“With media publishing more content and more frequently, getting a new pitch noticed can feel daunting,” says Songy. “Press Hook aims to add to a reporters preferred communication method by creating a platform that connects journalists directly with their sources, in a way traditional PR has shied away from.”

The platform helps simplify the PR process for both brands, and publications which have seen 30% or more increase in articles published, according to a report by The Atlantic. Highlights include a searchable database of digital press kits, and gives journalists’ the ability to connect with a press contact and request interviews or product samples.

Songy continued, “When I founded my first company, I wanted to explore PR as a way for us to establish our brand, but honestly, the process was too onerous for a startup just looking to establish itself. I knew that making brands more accessible to the journalists that covered their industries, would make the industry as a whole work more effectively on behalf of their clients, regardless of retainer size or the age of the company.”

“We aren’t looking to compete with traditional public relations firms. In fact, we are looking to work with all brands, with and without PR representation, to help tell their unique stories.”

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About Press Hook and CEO Michelle Songy

In 2020, second time entrepreneur Michelle Songy and her team brought their years of public relations and tech experience together to create Press Hook, the first marketplace that intelligently pairs brands and media. Prior to Press Hook, Michelle founded a mobile payment app, Cake Technologies (a company she sold to American Express within 3 years) and experienced first hand how difficult it was for a small business to access and afford quality PR, so she launched her own PR firm catered to startups.

By leveraging technology, Press Hook unlocks a new marketing channel for the 70 percent of small businesses who need press but don’t have the resources.

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