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Pow Adaptogens

Matcha Adaptogenic & Functional Mushroom Drinks to Help You Be at Your Best


Date Established 01/2022
Founder Ezra Rufino
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Ezra Rufino


Wonder Matcha
Wonder Matcha $33.00
Turmeric Wonder Matcha
Turmeric Wonder Matcha $32.00
Power Whisk
Power Whisk $24.00
Pow Wonder MCT Functional Focus Creamer
Pow Wonder MCT Functional Focus Creamer $29.00


Pow's Magic Matcha combines adaptogens and functional mushrooms to increase focus and decrease stress. Our incredible premium ceremonial grade, all organic matcha is grown on the hillsides of Uji, Japan. Naturally occurring L-theanine helps you stay focused longer, without using more caffeine.

Other Pow ingredients include Lions Mane Extract, an ancient medicinal mushroom is used to boost cognition and blood flow, Ashwagandha Root that helps reduce stress and inflammation, Ceylon Cinnamon, an ancient spice has is loaded with antioxidants, and 100% organic Monk Fruit Powder for a lightly added sweetness

Pow was created as a way to help people be at their best by incorporating really powerful and healing foods into their diet. Pow does this by creating really simple, natural, and healing drinks that can built into your routine.

The stress of modern life was a huge inspiration for Pow. Working from home, anxious about meetings, worrying about the state of the world. Is there anything out there can help people naturally feel better and operate as their best self? Some of the simplest things seem to help: incredible functional mushrooms, ancient roots and adaptogens, and calming rituals.

Helping people be at their best is really what drives Pow forward.

Founding Story

Ezra, the founder of Pow, had always struggled with chronic health issues. Over the years they seemed to just get worse and worse (like they are for so many of us!). Growing up in a family that focused on natural solutions, Ezra always looked for more natural solutions.

Struggling with even more health issues over the pandemic, and with rising stress levels, Ezra really started to put a deeper focus on his health. Trying to get back to a place where he felt good! A huge part of this was testing new diets and trying things like functional mushrooms and adaptogens. Ezra also switched from coffee to matcha because of the incredible antioxidants found in matcha and the more balanced energy.

As someone who always enjoyed working on small businesses, Ezra decided to turn this passion for natural healing into a small business and founded Pow.

Team Bios

Ezra grew up in New York City, born into a family obsessed with health and wellness. Over the years, Ezra developed his own passion for wellness, travel, music, and of course business. Over the last decade, Ezra has founded multiple companies, and also worked as a product management leader in multiple tech companies. Leaving tech behind, Ezra is now working on his greatest passion (and business), Pow. Pow is a functional beverage company with a goal of introducing people to the amazing benefits of matcha, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms, so everyone can wake up feeling their best every day.




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