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Founder Katie McGinley
Headquarters San Diego, CA.
Health & Wellness
Travel & Tourism
Press Contact Jordanne Pallesen


Post Pamper is San Diego’s first postpartum retreat dedicated to providing an elevated postpartum experience that offers a unique blend of pampering and comprehensive postnatal care. Founded on the belief that the postpartum period is a crucial time for health and well-being, Post Pamper is committed to cultivating a supportive environment that fosters healing, rest, and bonding for mothers and their families. Through its partnership with Noble House Hotels and Doulas of North County, Post Pamper creates a luxury experience for new parents, from birth up to eight weeks postpartum.

At the heart of Post Pamper’s mission is a commitment to a holistic view of health and wellness. Its team of experienced postnatal care experts and community are committed to supporting mothers and their families during the transformative phase of life that is postpartum. Post Pamper is more than just a retreat—it represents a movement towards transforming the narrative of postpartum care. To learn more about Post Pamper, please visit

Founding Story

Post Pamper was founded in San Diego, California as the city's first postpartum retreat. The founders recognized that while there is a lot of preparation for pregnancy and the baby's arrival, postpartum often gets overlooked. They wanted to provide a supportive and pampering environment for families during this vulnerable time, offering a health care and support system that allows parents to pause for healing and reflection. Their mission is to normalize and elevate postpartum care, providing families with the support they deserve and creating a community where they can find support and guidance.

Team Bios

Katie McGinley is the visionary and founder of Post Pamper, San Diego’s first postpartum retreat. Her career began in a leading healthcare non-profit, where she developed leadership skills and gained a unique perspective on the healthcare sector. Identifying a critical gap in postpartum support, Katie leveraged her healthcare and business consulting expertise to establish Post Pamper. Katie is committed to championing a culture where parents are supported, heard, and seen. Under her innovative leadership, Post Pamper not only provides invaluable support to families but also paves the way for a broader cultural shift in how society approaches and values postpartum care.

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