Plaine Products Launches New Integrated Shipping Boxes Packaging & Materials Are 100% Reusable and Recyclable
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CINCINNATI, OHIO (April 2021)--Plaine Products, a Cincinnati-based personal care products company dedicated to protecting the environment by eliminating single-use plastics, announces new shipping materials and consumer education integrated into one, in an effort to increase circularity across their portfolio. The company continues to build on their commitment to sustainability by optimizing their packaging, using as few materials as possible, and with 100% of their packaging as either reusable, recyclable, or repulpable. 

The company has eliminated all extra packaging materials in their shipping boxes, and now prints instructions on how to recycle and return the bottles directly on the boxes using an environmentally-friendly water-based Flexographic ink.

“Over 100 billion cardboard boxes are produced in the United States alone each year. Our goal to increase circularity applies not only  to our bottles but also to our shipping materials,” explained Plaine Products co-founder and CEO Lindsey McCoy. “Our shipping boxes are now printed with consumer education that is vital to our process: how to prepare the empty bottles for shipping in a way that prolonged the life of our boxes. The more we can reuse a box,  the fewer boxes hit the recycling bin. 

Plaine Products provides a line of hair and skin care products in reusable, refillable aluminum bottles. Once empty, customers return the bottles to the company, where they are cleaned, refilled, and returned to circulation. Customers retain the shipping boxes to return the empty bottles. The boxes, made from recycled materials that are also completely recyclable, are reused up to 5 times by the company before they are eventually recycled. The company recently upgraded to shipping labels with a recyclable backing and a water-activated kraft paper tape that is completely biodegradable, recyclable, and repulpable. 

The Plaine Products operations team will continue to evaluate their shipping materials and process to maintain a set standards of best practices within their industry. Earlier this year, the company also announced that all shipping is now carbon neutral, thanks to a relationship with We Are Neutral. 

Plaine Products is committed to sustainability with their line of toxin-free, vegan, biodegradable personal care products in reusable, refillable aluminum bottles, giving consumers a viable alternative to single-use plastic bathroom products. Among the first of their kind to adopt such a model, the company continues to refine their process and inspire others to do the same. For more information or to make a purchase to participate in Plaine Products' reuse revolution, please visit the company website at

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