Plaine Products Diverts Reduces Single Use Plastics in Landfills by 100K in 2021 Sustainability-Focused Brand Celebrates Win for the Environment with Biggest Sales Volume To Date
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Every bottle of Plaine Products hair and body products sold keeps one single-use plastic bottle from adding to accumulating ocean pollution. This year, the company is proud to announce that there are 100,000 fewer plastic bottles in circulation. That’s because customers of this environmentally-focused personal care brand return, instead of throwing away, their empty Plaine Products bottles, which are aluminum instead of plastic, to be cleaned, refilled, and returned to circulation. The company has doubled in size each year since its inception in 2017 and recently announced sales of 100K bottles in 2021, their largest calendar year sales to date. They are on track to eliminate 400,000 since they started, by the end of 2021. 

“A win for Plaine Products is a win for the environment,” said co-founder and CEO Lindsey McCoy. McCoy, who has spent time on a sailing research vessel, Exxpedition, researching the ocean’s plastic hot spots, has seen first hand the cumulative impact of plastic waste on the planet. She espouses a “progress not perfection” approach to her nearly 40K followers on Instagram, asking them to take small steps every day to live more sustainably. “Small changes, like swapping out your plastic shampoo bottle for a reusable aluminum one, can make a big difference when our entire community is dedicated to making one small change at a time” she explains. A ticker on the company website tracks each bottle sold so that customers can see the difference they are making with their purchase.

McCoy was inspired to start Plaine Products after noticing the accumulation of plastic waste washing up on the beaches of her then home in The Bahamas. She made it a personal mission to stop using single-use plastics and was unable to find a solution for bathroom products, like shampoo and conditioner. The company developed a process to reuse their aluminum bottles and are continually refining their operations to make as minimal of an environmental impact as possible, including sourcing all materials from local suppliers, offering carbon-free shipping, and participating in corporate collaborations encouraging reuse and recycling of durable packaging. 

Plaine Products continues to make an environmental impact with what’s inside their bottles. All of their products are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, and made with vegan, non-GMO ingredients. The company offers hair and skin care products free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicone, and palm oil and are designed to biodegrade over time.  

Those who want to join Plaine Products in their mission to rid the world of single use plastics and more sustainable lifestyle choices can follow the company on Instagram @plaineproducts and can order on the website at,, as well as in the Package Free Shop, and over 150 different independent retailers throughout North America. Products are available for one-time purchase or via recurring subscription for an additional 10% discount. A portion of each sale helps support environmental initiatives all over the country.

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