Plaine Products Announces New Sustainability Effort Cincinnati Company Magnifies Commitment to Stop the Spread of Single Use Plastics
Brand Logo Plaine Products dividng line Oct 19, 2021

Plaine Products, a personal care products company committed to ridding the world of single-use plastics, has taken a new step towards their goal of a plastic-free world through a partnership with Pact Collective, a network of beauty industry stakeholders who are working together to solve their industry’s packaging problem.

This new partnership helps keep the company’s plastic pumps out of landfills, since they would not typically be accepted into most community recycling programs. Pact works with specialty recycling partners to sort the materials by hand, break down the mixed materials into various components, and then sells the materials to end-buyers for reuse.

“Our ultimate goal is to find a non-plastic pump alternative,” said Lindsey McCoy, co-founder and CEO of Plaine Products. “Until we find that alternative, we’re providing our customers with a way to keep broken pumps or pumps that are no longer in use out of landfills,” she explained. Customers can discard pumps into Pact bins at Credo Beauty stores in the United States or Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada. Alternatively, these pumps can be included with bottles that are being returned for refills, and Plaine Products will send them to Pact for recycling.

Plaine Products customers return their empty bottles, which are aluminum instead of plastic, back to the company to be cleaned, refilled, and returned to circulation. Each new bottle from Plaine Products does include a plastic pump. Customers are instructed to remove the pump before returning the bottle to the company, and to reuse the pump with their refills.

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