Plaine Products Adds Skin Care Products to Unscented Collection Woman-Owned Brand Gives Customers More Plastic-Free, Toxin-Free Skin Care Options
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Cincinnati, OH--Plaine Products, a Cincinnati-based company dedicated to protecting the environment by eliminating single-use plastic packaging, is excited to announce the launch of new unscented skin care products, including a face wash and moisturizer.

The company, which first launched an unscented collection of shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and body lotion earlier this year and is continuing to add more scent-free products to its portfolio with a face wash and moisturizer, in direct response to the growing market demand for more vegan, toxin-free, plastic-free personal care product options. Additionally, their scent free line gives those with allergies, sensitivities, or an aversion to scent more options for skin care products sourced from a company with a shared commitment to the environment. 

“What’s inside our bottles is just as important to us as our plastic-free packaging and that means our products are scented with natural, essential oils,” explained Plaine Products co-founder and CEO Lindsey McCoy. “Although these ingredients are safe for all skin types, we found that many of our customers wanted an option to use products exactly like ours, but without the scent. We’re thrilled to now have a complete line of hair and skin care, with the addition of our two new products,” she said.

All Plaine Products are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified products, and hypoallergenic, with these new fragrance free options giving new options for those with concerns about any type of added fragrance or scent. The company additionally  remains committed to giving alternatives to plastic products. All of their products are packaged in reusable, refillable aluminum bottles with reusable pumps. Customers return their empty bottles to be cleaned, refilled and returned to circulation.

Similar to the scented face wash and moisturizer, the unscented versions can be ordered via the website at and on, as well as in the Package Free Shop, and over 150 different independent retailers throughout North America. Products are available for one-time purchase or via recurring subscription for an additional 10% discount.

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