Using Pickle-Power to Help Protect Our Planet How Mashup Foods, Inc. is Dedicated to Protecting Our Planet Through Responsible Production Practices
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AUSTIN, TEXAS (April 2021) - Since the brand's inception, PickleSmash has kept their environmental impact top of mind. Through eco-friendly packaging and sustainable agriculture practices, PickleSmash has remained true to their original mission: create dill-icious products that are environmentally conscious and good for the consumer! Their team understands the importance of treating the planet with care, so that they can keep creating pickle products that people love for generations to come.

Liz and Brian White, co-founders of Mashup Foods, Inc. met at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Both already knew the importance of being earth-conscious early on, each taking Environmental Science while at Baylor. Not only did this course provide reminders of their responsibilities to the environment, but it also helped lay the foundation for how Liz and Brian would implement eco-conscious business practices when forming Mashup Foods years later.

All of the Mashup Foods product packaging and shipping materials are 100% recyclable. The glass jars can be recycled or repurposed/up-cycled in a number of different ways including storage, drinking glasses, and planters. Mashup Foods uses specially-engineered kitting for shipping that is made entirely of compostable cardboard. This allows them to avoid harmful pollutants such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Their inks are water-based, free of harmful chemicals, making them safe for the environment and printers alike. They're also water-soluble and do not have the environmentally damaging harsh chemicals or solvents that traditional inks contain.

Mashup's dedication to reducing their carbon footprint goes beyond our packaging and jarring. They proudly manufacture fully plant-based products which are ethically sourced in our home state of Texas. PickleSmash and PickleSplash are vegan, gluten-free, and do not include any artificial colorings that can be unkind to our planet. We pledge to remain eco-conscious, and to stay at the forefront of sustainable practices, treating our Earth with love while providing healthy and dill-icious snack options to our community.

To learn more about our environmentally-friendly and tasty product line, including PickleSmash and PickleSplash, visit our website [] or reach out to us at

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