It’s fair season! PickleSmash returns to the State Fair of Texas Austin-based salsa brand will introduce new pickle juice at several upcoming events
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AUSTIN, TEXAS — The State Fair of Texas isn’t the same without Big Tex, and fall isn’t the same without big events to bring people together to celebrate the things they love.

“We have missed fair season,” says PickleSmash founder Brian White. “We love the fairs, and it just hasn’t been the same without all the tasting events.”

But that’s changing this fall with the return of in-person events and fairs, including the State Fair of Texas and the Heart of Texas Fair in Waco, both of which will include food tents with brands like PickleSmash sampling their products.

Liz and Brian White launched PickleSmash, a tomato-free salsa that combined the best of both pickles and hot sauce in 2019, and quickly found out how much they enjoyed sampling the product to new customers.

“It was always so great to see their reaction,” says Liz White, who is the company’s director of operations. “And people are so adventurous when they are at a fair. We love it when they come in and are excited to try something they’ve never had before.”

This year, parent company Mashup Foods has a new product to showcase: PickleSplash, a bottled pickle juice that is already a hit with everyone from athletes to bartenders. “We blew them away with the pickle salsa. Wait until they try this pickle juice and realize they can make a pickle margarita or a frozen pickle pop.”

State Fair attendees can look out for PickleSmash in the GO TEXAN-sponsored food tent, where the brand will have an even bigger presence this year thanks to a grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture to showcase up and coming food brands from the Lone Star State.

Brain White says that having the product manufactured in Texas was an easy decision. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have our salsa made with Texas produce and in Texas co-packing facilities,” White says. “Both the salsa and the pickle juice are proudly part of the GO TEXAN program.”

Texas Department of Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is already a fan of PickleSmash.

“The only label better than ‘Made in America’ is ‘Made in Texas’,” Commissioner Sid Miller said. “The GO TEXAN Pavilion is packed with some of the best Texas-grown and Texas-made products. GO TEXAN partners like PickleSmash are a great example of what it means to have Texas pride. You can find this delicious pickle salsa at the Retail Porch in the GO TEXAN Pavilion for the full 24 days of the State Fair of Texas. Stop by and sample this unique take on a favorite staple — you'll never think of salsa the same way again.”

A highlight on the calendar is the second annual In A Pickle Festival in Kingwood, outside Houston, which takes place Sept. 18. PickleSplash is sponsoring the pickle-drinking contest, and the Whites will be sampling their product in the vendor area. (You can find out more about In A Pickle at

“We’re so glad that events are coming back this fall,” Brian White says. “We love running a food business from home, but there’s nothing that beats interacting with new customers who are also happy to be out. Come say ‘hi’ if you see us out and about. We’ve missed nerding out about pickle salsa with you.”

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About Mashup Foods, Inc.: Founded in 2018, this Austin-based CPG food company sells creative food products for curious customers. The debut product, PickleSmash, a first-to-market pickle salsa, launched in 2019 and is sold at more than 375 stores around the U.S., including H-E-B, Central Market, Spec’s and neighborhood markets, including Thom’s Market and Royal Blue Grocery. The company’s second product, a bottled pickle juice called PickleSplash, is already a bestseller less than a year after launching. Both products are also available on Amazon. For more info about the brand, including availability, nutrition info and distribution, you can reach out at

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