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Date Established 06/2019
Founder Caroline Buck, Garrett Wymore
Headquarters Oakland, CA
Press Contact Caroline Buck



Petaluma is a pet nutrition company focused on environmental sustainability, believing the dog food of tomorrow is made from plants. Traditional dog food leaves an environmental mess. Petaluma is formulated to care for the planet as well as you care for your dog – with delicious oven-baked , science-backed and veterinary-approved food formulas. Offering complete nutrition without animal products, Petaluma is packed with protein, balanced healthy fats, complete amino acid profiles and bio-available vitamins & minerals. Sourcing from certified organic farms and avoiding monoculture crops like corn and soy, Petaluma ensures you feed your pup responsibly.

The company is a public benefit corporation, Pending B Corp, and a member organization of 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral. Petaluma is on a mission to build the future of pet care that’s better for pets, the planet, farmworkers, and agricultural animals.

Founding Story

For a weekend escape from their home in Oakland, founders Caroline & Garrett brought their dog Leo to enjoy the fields of a small Petaluma hobby farm. When Leo played with the baby goats and pigs (and coexisted with the hens after a talking-to from the rooster), the line between our beloved pet and the animals we ate became permanently blurred.

The experience capped years of discomfort and doubts about eating animals and began their path to a plant-based diet. It also pushed them to become more informed about nutrition and challenge the misconception that plants cannot provide enough protein or nutrients.

At the time, Garrett was leading one of the world’s largest dog health studies at a major pet care company, where he worked with experts in animal health and pet food manufacturing and gained insight into the massive role that pet food plays in our broken agricultural system. It became clear that plant-based ingredients could nourish our dogs with a radically smaller footprint.

After two years of R&D from professional nutritionists (and less professional canine testers), Petaluma is excited to offer a more considerate dog food choice that borrows a name from the place it all started.


Caroline Buck

Co-Founder, CMO

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Caroline is the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Petaluma. Caroline’s background is predominantly in product marketing, business development, and growth marketing. Most recently, Caroline was VP of Marketing at Mexico-based software services company Wizeline, which she helped scale from 200 people to >1,200 people in just three years. Prior to Wizeline, Caroline was a Product Marketer at Yahoo! in the advertising technology product team. Caroline’s background of leading and building teams, creating differentiated brand positioning, and sales/business development, provides a broad set of tools for growing Petaluma. Caroline graduated from Dartmouth College.

Garrett Wymore

Co-Founder, CEO

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Garrett is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Petaluma. Garrett’s professional experiences cover product management, R&D, corporate strategy / financial modeling, and general business operations. Before starting Petaluma, Garrett was Chief of Staff and Head of Product & Marketing at Whistle Labs, a pet tech brand that was acquired by Mars Petcare in 2016. While a part of Mars Petcare, Garrett led the pioneering Pet Insight Project, a research partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital. Pet Insight Project’s goal was to identify links between dog behavior and health data to provide improved preventative veterinary care. Before Whistle Labs and Mars Petcare, Garrett was a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Co in San Francisco. Garrett graduated from Dartmouth College.




We carefully designed Petaluma food to provide all essential nutrients without the need for animal-derived ingredients.

Dr. Blake Hawley, DVM (Petaluma's lead forumulator)


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