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Date Established 07/2016
Founder Matt Owens, Clarice Owens
Headquarters Santa Cruz
Press Contact Clarice Owens


Pescavore is a 1.5 oz single serving of wild tuna or salmon sourced from sustainable seafood. It is a first of its kind innovation and a better for you alternative in the $2.8b US market for meat snacks. At Pescavore, they start with the highest quality, responsibly caught seafood to make their handcrafted jerky. They use premium marinades and whole cuts, then apply the age-old tradition of natural wood smoking. Their small batch process maintains flavor, texture, protein, and nutrients, with less residual salt and sugar than traditional jerky. Packaged in a convenient, single serving size with no refrigeration required until after opening, Pescavore is the perfect healthy and delicious snack for those on-the-go.

Healthy Oceans Seafood Company, the owner of the brand, uses emergent and proprietary technologies to produce tasty, convenient, resource smart seafood products that consumers can trust. Because they exclusively source from US waters, and process in the USA, customers can be assured that the seafood purchased through Healthy Oceans was caught and produced legally and sustainably. With every pack traceable to the fisher and fishery, they strive to help hard-working American fishermen, communities, and consumers thrive.

Founding Story

The idea for a locally caught and produced seafood product was borne from a work, surf, dive and fishing trip through Micronesia. At the RRE hotel perched on the edge of Majuro atoll in the Marshall Islands, the couple was first introduced to a delightful, artisan produced food tradition. Local fishing families dried thin sticks of Marlin and delicately seasoned them with ginger and spices to produce a fish snack with a perfect touch of wild and gamey flavor. After practically living on these fish treats, Matt and Clarice returned home keen to recreate this simple delicacy for themselves and maybe others too.

Over the next few years, the couple worked to create a minimally processed, sustainable and delicious snackable seafood based from the slow food traditions of brining, drying and smoking fish. The couple visited indigenous fish smoke houses in the Makah and Quileute territories, hung out with Alaskan and Pacific Northwest fihsers and processors and ultimately innovated unique methods to bring this first of its kind product to market.

Pescavore and Healthy Oceans are more than just a consumer packaged goods company. The company is a vertically integrated producer that works tirelessly to ensure that our coastal communities benefit from active, working waterfronts and local, sustainable seafood for years to come.


3 Pack Sampler
3 Pack Sampler $14.99
Caribbean Jerk (10-Pack)
Caribbean Jerk (10-Pack) $49.99
Island Teriyaki (10-Pack)
Island Teriyaki (10-Pack) $49.99
Smokey Poke (10-Pack)
Smokey Poke (10-Pack) $49.99

Team Bios

Matt Owens Bio Image

Matt Owens


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Matt Owens, Co-Founder and CEO of Healthy Oceans Seafood Company (owner of the brand Pescavore) began his career in seafood as a rural aquaculture extension agent in the Peace Corps, Zambia. As the Director of Environmental Policy and Social Responsibility at Tri Marine, the world’s preferred supplier of tuna and tuna supply related services, he is an experienced leader in sustainability advocacy also appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to the General Advisory Committee to NOAA for the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission. Prior to his present roles, as the Managing Director of FishWise, Matt led efforts to build sustainable seafood programs for U.S. retailers. In his current capacities, Matt focuses on improving regional tuna fisheries management policies, strengthening sustainable product solutions, and protecting the wellbeing of the fishermen, fish processors and communities their supply chain affects. Matt graduated cum laude with a Masters degree in Pacific International Affairs from the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California and holds a BA in International Relations from Humboldt State University.

Clarice Owens Bio Image

Clarice Owens


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Co-founder and CTO Clarice Owens started her career in technology as the first African-American female conferred in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s more than 100-year program in Aerospace Engineering. She went on to make meaningful contributions to top tier technology companies like Boeing, Solar Turbines and Bloom Energy before shifting her focus toward better and more resilient food systems. Clarice brings an outsider, technology-emphasized perspective to crafting new and unique approaches to seafood.





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