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Supplements engineered to improve the performance, energy, health, & recovery of runners


Date Established 04/2016
Founder George Parker
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Fitness, Health & Wellness
Press Contact George Parker


PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin (Vegan)
PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin (Vegan) $19.99
PEREGRUNE Runner Joint Support
PEREGRUNE Runner Joint Support $17.99
PEREGRUNE Runner Omega-3
PEREGRUNE Runner Omega-3 $19.99
PEREGRUNE Runner Omega 3/6/9 Gummy
PEREGRUNE Runner Omega 3/6/9 Gummy $19.99


PEREGRUNE creates vegan, non-GMO supplements to improve the daily performance, energy, health, and recovery of runners. They recognize that runners are different from the masses; more active, burning more calories, sweating away more nutrients, and working their muscles and joints harder. So PEREGRUNE designed supplements that differ from the mainstream supplements on the market, made specific to runners and delivers one multivitamin tablet that replaces 6 otherwise needed. Their mission is to educate, motivate, and improve the performance of runners so they can become “better every day.” Their products are engineered to simplify busy lives, families, and careers to help people focus on getting better at running.

No matter where you are in life or how busy you are, PEREGRUNE fills in nutritional gaps to help you run better while saving you time and money. PEREGRUNE supplements contain 3 times the daily dose of antioxidants for immunity, health, and recovery, and contain concentrated vitamin B for energy. PEREGRUNE also contains probiotics for digestive health. All PEREGRUNE products are Made in the USA.

Founding Story

George Parker founded PEREGRUNE in 2016 in the hills, heat, and humidity of Atlanta, Georgia. After decades of running, George started paying closer attention to his nutrition and supplementation. Using big supplement brands available at the store, he pieced together a program that consisted of 10-15 bottles. However, it was expensive, complicated, took up a ton of space, and still was not perfect for the needs of runners. George used his chemistry background to design a multivitamin for runners, not everyday adults. PEREGRUNE was refined in top marathons across thousands of runners.


George Parker

Founder, Chemical Engineer, Runner

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George Parker received a degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and continued his education at Northwestern University where he received his MBA. He is a 4x Boston Marathon Qualifier that loves running and focusing on getting a little better every day.

George lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and two boys.


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