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Partybus Bakeshop

Artisan Bakery & Cafe Serving Small Batch, Naturally Leavened Goodies in New York City


Date Established 11/2019
Founder Jacqueline
Headquarters Lower East Side, Manhattan
Press Contact Jordan Robinson


Baking Classes
Baking Classes $95.00
Fig & Pecan Baguette
Fig & Pecan Baguette $7.50
Monster Cookies
Monster Cookies $3.00
Pie oh my!
Pie oh my! $30.00
Pistachio Rose Croissant
Pistachio Rose Croissant $5.00


Partybus Bakeshop is an artisan bakery and cafe located in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood. Through a rotating seasonal menu, Partybus riffs on classics including breads, pies, and cookies by using the best ingredients the north east has to offer. All Partybus goods are sourced with organic stone milled flour from small mills within the region and produce is procured locally through New York City's expansive GreenMarkets. We bake for local distribution, neighborhood pop-ups, and custom catering events. Some of Partybus's favorite ingredient purveyors include: Maine Grains, Farmer Ground Flour, Norwich Meadows Farms, Formaggio Essex, City League Coffee Roasters, and Andrew's Honey.

Founding Story

Jacqueline aims to spread love and knowledge about the benefits of using heritage grains and stone milled flours She’s extremely knowledgable and will talk your ear off if you give her the chance. Her mission is to push the boundaries of what you expect from your neighborhood bakery while maintaining an unrelenting standard for the classics you know and love.





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Jacqueline Eng was not always a baker. In fact, it wasn’t until she was freelancing as a classical percussionist around New York City that she discovered a curiosity for baking. When the passion for hosting bake sale fundraisers overtook her drive to “practice practice practice” she knew it was time to take the leap and pursue a career in food. Prior to starting Partybus Bakeshop, Jacqueline was head baker for Altamarea Group. She honed her craft at New York hot spots including Petee’s Pie Co., Arcade Bakery, and the International Culinary Center.



Eng is one of those magical wizards who bakes things that look fairly ordinary, but taste like some sort of fantastic dream come true. Take her Monster Cookies, for example, which currently come in three varieties: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. At first glance? Like a million other cookies you've seen throughout your long career of cookie eating. But right from the first bite you know these are special: chunky and chewy, satisfyingly sweet with a salty undertone, rich and buttery, with true flavors dominating, but not overwhelming, the whole package. Just perfect.

Scott Lynch

Get the excellent Eggie Sandwich from @Partybusbakeshop, on their perfect brioche

Mike Chau

@Partybusbakeshop has been our favorite neighborhood hangout spot since they first opened. Not only are their breads and pastries drool-worthy and deliciously comforting, but the space itself exudes that kind of warm, sunny energy we're always drawn to. Every time we're there, we always seem to run into someone we know, adding to that magical neighborhood feel we've been searching for when moving from city to city. When heart of Dinner turned into a food relief efforts hub, @bakerjacq, founder and head baker of Partybus Bakeshop reached out immediately and asked how she could help... Jacqueline sources the highest quality ingredients, something very important to us at Heart of Dinner. We teamed up for the long-term providing loaves of milk brioche to the elderly that Partybus Bakeshop custom-bakes JUST for our seniors. A few weeks ago, we threw Jacqueline a curveball out of left field - knowing how much our own grandparents love scallion buns, we asked if she could help recreate these favorites. And BOOM, she immediately got to work in researching and testing. She donated the first 20 dozen to get feedback for improvement and the seniors LOVED them. Thank you Jacqueline and Partybus Bakeshop team for showing up each and every week for our seniors, we love y'all!

Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai


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