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A fun and colorful watch designed to help kids and adults alike learn to tell time


Date Established 08/2021
Founder Cara Barrett
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Parchie


Named after the founder's childhood imaginary friend (seriously), Parchie is a collection of classic dive watches meant to be worn, collected, and shared by kids and their parents alike. They believe that watches are best when they are analog, meaning no screens, no gimmicks, just good old fashioned watches that tell the time.

Parchie also believe in the value of time and the important lessons that go along with it. Telling time helps children understand things beyond the hours and minutes, including counting, multiplication, and addition. Not to mention the importance of being somewhere on time. We know teaching this can be daunting, which is why Parchie is here to help both parents and children alike along the way with tips, tricks, and lessons.

Parchie’s ethos is kindness and friendship, something often missing from today’s world. Parchie is designed to bring kids and parents together whether over a game of Clue or over a parents-only coffee. Because if you bring Parchie into your child’s life, you might just gain some pals in the process.

Founding Story

After more than a decade in the watch industry, Parchie founder Cara Barrett has seen her fair share of timepieces. From her stint as a specialist within the Sotheby's watch department and then as an early employee at the industry-leading platform HODINKEE, Barrett made a name for herself as one of the leading voices in the space. Her own status was cemented over her five years at HODINKEE with a loyal fan base who recognized her ability to bring watches into the real world in a new way, ultimately making watches fun for everyone.

It is this same approach to watches that inspired Barrett to leave HODINKEE and to launch Parchie. After noticing a gap in the market for well-designed watches for kids, Barrett set out to create something new. Applying her knowledge of vintage dive watches, Barrett created a timepiece that could be fun for everyone. Parchie was created to appeal to everyone, whether you're a six year old in NYC or a 35 year old in South Carolina, Parchie is made to be worn and loved by people of all ages.


Me-Time Parchie
Me-Time Parchie $50.00
School-Time Parchie
School-Time Parchie $50.00
Party-Time Parchie
Party-Time Parchie $50.00






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