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Parasol Co

A natural solution for babies with sensitive skin, offering diaper subscriptions, and bath & body products


Date Established 11/2014
Founder Jessica Hung
Headquarters California
Health & Wellness, Parenting
Press Contact Jessica Hung


Parasol Co Clear+Dry™ Diaper Pants
Parasol Co Clear+Dry™ Diaper Pants $38.00
Parasol Co Clear+Dry™ Diapers
Parasol Co Clear+Dry™ Diapers $36.00
Parasol Co Clear+Pure™ Baby Wipes
Parasol Co Clear+Pure™ Baby Wipes $38.00
Parasol Co Membership Box
Parasol Co Membership Box $84.00


Parasol Co is a premium baby diaper brand, conceived with love in California, with a line of natural and kinder baby products. Parasol Clear+Dry Diapers are engineered with RashShield™ protection to lock humidity layers deep and guard against diaper rash. Crafted with naturally breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics, an ultra-thin core that absorbs more with less, and 8 strands of retractive elastics for an automated fit and ease of movement. Parasol keeps baby bums clear, healthy and ready to roll. Walk. Or stumble. Parasol Co's mission is to nurture baby's comfort and encourage parents' peace of mind. All in the name of empowering discovery, creativity and autonomy. Their diapers have the Dermatest®Excellent Seal and their minimal B&W patterns are printed with water-based inks. Their absorbent core is less than 1/4 inch thick, reducing the carbon footprint of each change. Made without chlorine, dyes, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, latex or heavy metals. 

Founding Story

The origins of the Parasol Co journey can be traced back to a conversation Founder, Jessica Hung had with a friend, who was about to deliver a set of twins. She was set on Japanese diapers, which sent Jessica on the hunt for information about what could be so special about these diapers that warranted the extra effort required to get them – especially for a busy mom with five kids. Jessica grabbed an assortment of market leading diapers and took them with her to Asia, where moms were surprised at how “horrible” and “rude to the baby’s tender skin” they were. Further discoveries led Jessica to the conclusion that Asian diapers achieve unusual softness, European diapers are eco conscious, American diapers are parent-oriented (cheaper and convenient). With this mind, Jessica thought: could I offer the whole package, baby centric, eco and affordable, in one single diaper?

In the era where major brands are marketing how absorbent the diaper is (allowing as few as 2-3 diaper changes a day), diaper rash cream sales continue to smash sales records each year. Parasol Co was created to solve these problems and provide a preventative approach to buttock skin health. At its core, it’s simple -- be helpful and loyal to its true users: babies who can't talk. Parasol Co advocates for babies and brings awareness about baby health to busy parents who seek the best for the well-being of their child, the environment, and their money. Designed with the baby's skin in mind, Parasol Co makes its diapers using only the softest materials that are as good for the planet.


Jessica Hung

CEO and Co-Founder

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Jessica Hung, a first generation immigrant from Taiwan, is a life long entrepreneur known for creating businesses that originate from her belief in the human potential to bring out the best of its version in which the impossible can be made possible. An adventurous leader in finance, strategic planning and manufacturing, her diverse expertise and affinity for consumer insight empower her success in bringing new brands to life. She lives in Southern California with her two children. 




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