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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Ashley Hunt, Justine Luong, Lenny Canny
Headquarters San Francisco
Tech, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Ashley Hunt


Pancea App
Pancea App


Pancea is a software based application for chronic pain prevention and treatment. Pancea was created by certified Corrective and Orthopedic Exercise Specialists that believe in affordable and accessible care. Pancea's technology scales the specialist experience in the most affordable way. Each user is taken through a consultation that evaluates contributing factors to pain symptoms including stress and trauma and then conducts a movement assessment which produces a day of corrective exercise program. The team's unique approach in looking beyond the obvious has helped serve over 400 people so far and has reduced individual's pain symptoms by 50% within 2-4 weeks, and 80% by 12 weeks. Other successes have included improvements in user's mental health and quality of life. The team behind the application believes in a world where pain relief and health education is not a privilege, rather, a human right. The team is currently building up their network of other specialists in mental health, trauma recovery, nutrition, and other chronic illnesses as the company plans on expanding into other types of chronic pain and chronic diseases in the future. 

Founding Story

Ashley Hunt, CEO and Justine Luong, COO are two of the co-founders of Pancea. Both women are Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists and have been in the health and wellness industry for 10 years. Ashley and Justine have worked professionally together for 9 years. Their professional work together began in a PT clinic when they were still in school and began and ran the PT clinic's wellness center for post physical therapy. While working in the clinic they would daydream about what they would do if they started something on their own. After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Neuromuscular Science, the two began their first company Nfinite Strength, a corporate wellness company in the Bay Area with a giveback portion to victims of sexual violence. It was through this company the duo learned of the frustrations individuals go through when they experience chronic MSK pain or neck, shoulder, low back, and knee pain. They heard hundreds to thousands of stories about the cost of solutions out there and how many people "just learn to live with it," which inspired them to create an affordable and scalable platform for chronic pain anywhere, anytime. Ashley was living with Lenny Canny at the time which later became their Technical Co-Founder. Lenny had injured his ACL and could not afford PT out of pocket at the time so Ashley traded skills with him; she helped rehab his knee while he wrote the first lines of code for Pancea. The three founders are all passionate about this space for their own personal reasons, Lenny being his own injury history. Ashley's motivation comes from losing her mom at 17 to an accidental opioid overdose a few years after a lower back surgery. Ashley also was a victim of a sexual assault in college which is why the company focuses a lot of their attention on trauma recovery as well. Justine had to undergo a brain surgery as a child and knows first hand how hard recovery can be after injury and surgeries. Between the 3 founders' lived experiences and applied science expertise, they are on a serious mission to help as many people as they can live a pain free and less limited life. 


Ashley Hunt


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Ashley Hunt is the CEO and founder of Pancea. Ashley created Pancea's algorithm and program mapping system alongside her CTO, Lenny Canny. In addition to her responsibilities in helping scale the specialist experience through their technology, Ashley is also head of partnerships, fundraising, and is always thinking about what the future holds in the health tech space. Ashley graduated from SF State with a degree in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Neuromuscular Science. She has certifications in Corrective Exercise Specialist, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and Functional Movement Screening. She has 10 years of experience in chronic musculoskeletal pain treatment and prevention, health and wellness, and 6 years of experience in corporate wellness. She helped launch and develop her first wellness center while in college for a PT clinic, and has now built 2 companies under the age of 30. She is passionate about helping others, especially those that cannot afford typical care and is on a mission to make sure this reality changes. 

Justine Luong


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Justine Luong is the COO of Pancea and has more than a decade worth of experience in the Health and Wellness field, specializing in non-specific musculoskeletal pain. Graduating San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Neuromuscular Science, Justine is passionate about the human body and building a company that offers affordable resources to help individuals heal and a brand that people can resonate with from around the world. Justine’s background in starting her first company self-funded in San Francisco has provided her experience working with thousands of individuals in person to employees in enterprise companies. As a child of immigrant parents, she understands the power of community and is passionate about uplifting underserved communities. She held an empowering anti-sexual violence fundrasier with her Co-Founder, Ashley raising up surviors and victims and looking forward to continue this philanthropy work with Pancea.

Lenny Canny


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Lenny Canny is an experienced product manager, dedicated to solving customer needs and creating elegant and scalable technology. After graduating from Georgetown University with a business degree, Lenny became interested in developing software and furthered his education by receiving a degree in Computer Science. Leveraging his background in business fundamentals and computer science, Lenny started a number of entrepreneurial projects, most notably a goal oriented savings app called Round Up. Realizing his passion for technology, Lenny began his career at Lightning Bolt Solutions, a physician scheduling software company, where he honed his product management skills. Lenny then moved to Boku Inc, a mobile payments platform, where he oversaw the subscription engine and partnerships platforms for subscription services such as Netflix, DAZN, Apple, and Tinder. He focused on streamlining user experience while improving conversion and retention rates. He has managed multiple product roadmaps while leading a distributed team in SF, India, Estonia, and Germany. As the Technical Co-Founder of Pancea, Lenny is excited to build a platform that targets an issue he relates too. Having suffered a number of serious injuries himself, he sympathizes with Pancea’s customers and understands the need for holistic, personalized programs that target route issues while educating the user. Leveraging his experience with SaaS-based applications, Lenny is dedicated to developing a scalable, affordable solution that could have a positive impact on millions of lives.


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