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Date Established 11/2019
Founder Atsuko Boyd
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Atsuko Boyd


MEET PAIRING SALTS® - Your Food and Drink Matchmakers

Pairing Salts® are one and done! Their spice blends are all specially curated by trained chefs for the true chef in you. And they have made pairing your food with wine and beer as simple as reading the labels.

Just one packet of their all-in-one meal starters gets a gourmet meal on your table in mere minutes. No more scrambling for restaurant-quality dinners.

Or for a simple decadent bite, try the snaccident sized premium kettle-cooked chips made to savor with your favorite craft brews!

Team Bios

Pairing Salts® is a product evolution after quite suddenly becoming a single mom of two young children. I promised myself then in the midst of chaos, to always make dinnertime a constant simple shared ritual and retreat for my daughters and me.

Over years, I married my careers in product development and later culinary, and put together all of my knowledge, training, passion for food and a team to create Pairing Salts®. Following the true definition of a good meal, our proprietary blends are made to simplify cooking time and strike the perfect balance of flavors in every dish.

In addition, as the founder, Pairing Salts® products continue to be developed to deliver on my own promise from years ago. I want for all our customers to be able to enjoy time, love, and a shared meal because pairing flavors is like pairing people, and magic happens when the right ones come together.


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