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Date Established 11/2019
Founder Chef Atsuko Boyd
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Home, Beverage, Food, Hospitality
Press Contact Atsuko Boyd


MEET PAIRING SALTS® - Your Food and Drink Matchmakers

Pairing Salts® flavor enhancing pantry shortcuts are crafted by professional female chefs to bring quality eating and drinking to your home any night of the week.

Made-better-for-you, our combinations are based on patented taste science know-how, plus sourcing of the coolest, freshest global spices we could find. Free of artificial flavors and colors, Pairing Salts® delectable blends are designed to elevate and perfectly pair your meal with wine or beer simply by reading our labels..

For a full epicurean adventure, shop our all-in-one meal starters to simplify and level-up your cooking and pair a glass of wine for extra decadence.

Or for an easier meal, try Pairing Salts® premium kettle-cooked chips, snaccident size and made to savor with your favorite craft brews.

Founding Story

Meet Pairing Salts® - Your Food and Drink Matchmakers.

Atsuko Boyd will tell you that it happened over a few plates of food and a few more glasses of wine. The conversation that night among these like-minded, boisterous chefs was casual but not slow; everyone jockeying for street cred with tales of their recent food adventures, elaborate explanations of new riffs on old dishes, revelations about newly discovered ingredients and techniques, and the inevitable friendly competition about who could make it better and who could make it best.

As always, she reveled in it because beneath all this banter was a truly deep appreciation for the complex nuances of taste and flavor that chefs instinctively know and is at the heart of their craft. The more Boyd thought about it, the more it seemed there should be a lifestyle brand of pantry shortcuts that could help home cooks get a little closer to that quality of eating and drinking too—without having to overthink things – on any night of the busy week.

What, Boyd asked, is holding us back? How can we up our flavor game?

One answer is that much of our food in the US leans heavily on the contributions of salt and sugar, even in foods not normally perceived as particularly salty or particularly sweet. This tendency really does a disservice to our palates’ natural ability to appreciate a much broader range of tastes and flavors, notably the “sour,” “savory” and “bitter” elements naturally occurring in so many raw ingredients. Balance is key, but good eating is more likely to happen when all the available taste sensations are layered into the dish, creating an almost alchemical interplay that ends up being more than the sum of its parts. World cuisines from Tokyo to Mexico City know this instinctively, and so do our own best restauranteurs.

This basic realization was the origin of Pairing Salts. Boyd sums it up: “I conceived Pairing Salts® as a simple way to open people’s palates to the full spectrum of tastes and flavors found in restaurant-quality meals, and which are in fact common in the cuisines of many cultures. Salty and sweet are just as important as the other tastes, but they’re only two-fifths of the equation. I want Pairing Salts® to be a bridge to carry people over the usual ‘salty-sweet’ river toward a broader range of enjoyable taste and flavor possibilities.”

Echoing her own experience growing up in a bicultural household, the Pairing Salts® concept also bears the imprint of the Japanese food philosophy known as shokuiku—a food-affirmative approach to healthy eating that avoids guilt-laden calorie counting and boringly restrictive diets in favor of satisfying hunger and promoting health through mindful attention to robust tastes and diverse flavor combinations that help us appreciate ingredients as they are.

Boyd and her team spent months on R&D framing their own personal experiences in the context of quantifiable taste and flavor chemistry. Just as “good chemistry” is an important basis for establishing good human relationships, the same is true when pairing flavors: Things have to match up well on a “chemical” level. Through a good bit of experimentation, plus of course a shared passion for the nuances of taste, flavor and good eating, Boyd’s team succeeded in developing and patenting an ultimate line of all-natural flavor enhancers. The key goal was to make flavor-building simple and convenient; but where conventional meal starters typically bury ingredients in artificial flavors and offer only superficial or cliché interpretations of world cuisines, Pairing Salts® aims simply to help food taste even more like what it is, while also offering opportunities to experiment with a variety of whole foods easily and daily. Elevated flavor should be as simple as 1-2-3—Select any protein, season it with Pairing Salts, and cook it using your favorite method. Suddenly the food tastes more like what it should be, no other seasoning needed.

Each Pairing Salts® blend is based on a patented process designed to duplicate what an experienced chef might do in terms of coaxing and balancing out combinations of salty, sweet, savory, bitter, or sour in a way that puts them all into the sort of harmony that is the very definition of a well-prepared dish. Pairing Salts® is like an invisible chef holding your hand, encouraging you to eat mindfully, putting great flavor well within in your grasp, and making cooking a source of pleasure and enjoyment, not a chore.

• •

Building on Pairing Salts’ initial success, we decided to go big and make Pairing Salts® a standalone as the first-ever food and beverage “matchmaking” brand. Pairing food with beverages like beer and wine is complicated and can be a little daunting to anyone, professional chefs included. As always, there has to be a good “chemistry.” Beverages are an extension of the plate and often they’re the most expensive and most complex ingredient of the meal in terms of flavor complexity. Whatever is in the glass you can think of as the last ingredient you’ve added to your dish. Getting it wrong might not be a complete disaster, but you want at least to avoid combinations that diminish either the dish or the beverage, or that simply aren’t very good together. Even better, when you get it right, and the food and drink enhance each other, then the entire meal becomes something elevated, something you’ll probably remember enjoying for a long time. Our idea is to use Pairing Salts® to make such pairings as simple as reading the label.

• •

Continuing Pairing Salts® journey as a challenger brand in America’s food culture, we’ve now taken the same food and beverage matchmaking concept and created a second product line to feed America’s obsession with snacks: Pairing Salts® Premium Kettle Chips. These premium potato chips are free of artificial flavors and colors and enhanced with some of the coolest, most amazing spices we could source from all around the world. They are perfectly balanced bites of deliciousness, in a “snackcident” size, and as it happens they are perfectly seasoned to pair amazingly well with your favorite craft beers. You’re welcome!

Team Bios

I love all things food! Yes, hello, I am a food geek.

Marrying my careers in product development and culinary, I put all of my knowledge, experience, passion for food and the science together to create Pairing Salts®. Whether developing recipes or simply cooking and eating, I especially love the crossover of cooking and science to create flavor. Striking the perfect balance of flavors, the definition of a good meal, really speaks to me and I want everyone to have that same experience. Being able to simplify it into Pairing Salts® - a ‘bag of tricks’ - so consumers can create a quality meal that will wow themselves to want to keep cooking and eating definitely motivates me most.

I've also found my groove as an entrepreneur, not always an easy title to live up to, by surrounding myself with great people and sticking to these three tenets:

-Have an honest deep rooted passion for your product or service. This passion will drive you through the peaks and valleys that are inevitable.

-Have a clear Mission, Vision and set of Core Values. Let these things drive every decision you make when it comes to your business.

-Develop your team, big or small, surrounding yourself with people that share your passion, an unwavering belief of your Mission and Vision, and if you’re lucky, will positively challenge ideas and encourage more.


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