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Date Established 09/2019
Founder Pierre Barlier
Headquarters Orinda, CA
Press Contact Briana Ottoboni


Seagull Cooler
Seagull Cooler $46.00
Paper Bag Lunch
Paper Bag Lunch $30.00
Iconic Shopper Tote
Iconic Shopper Tote $28.00
Insulated Wine & Spirits Valet
Insulated Wine & Spirits Valet $19.00
Washable Paper Backpack
Washable Paper Backpack $32.00
Dolphin Cooler
Dolphin Cooler $46.00
Walrus Cooler
Walrus Cooler $46.00
Hedgehog Lunch
Hedgehog Lunch $30.00
Mini Shopper Lunch
Mini Shopper Lunch $22.00
Pure Cord Shopper
Pure Cord Shopper $25.00
Walrus Mini Lunch
Walrus Mini Lunch $34.00


Out of the Woods makes reusable bags and insulated coolers made from Supernatural Paper™, an innovative and sustainable material made from trees and bonded to make it washable and durable.

Out of the Woods's mission is to reduce the negative impact on the environment by developing lasting products made of better materials. To make bags that are a reflection of community — not just in styles, but in values and behavior. To keep moving designs forward by tapping into a curious and inventive nature. To use bags to guide better product choices. To question the stories behind materials and their impact on our lives and environment. To understand that sustainability isn't perfection or a destination, but a commitment to the journey.

Founding Story

Out of the Woods® was born from KeepCool, a leading supplier of reusable bags and insulated coolers in the private label space. KeepCool is on a mission to create a solution to single-use plastic bags. When its founder, Pierre Barlier, found Supernatural Paper™, a material made from trees that looks like well-worn leather with an environmental impact as light as paper, he created Out of the Woods as a way to introduce the world to the supernatural qualities of Supernatural Paper™. These qualities - its durability, washability, and sustainability, all showcased in the proven and thoughtful designs of reusable and insulated bags.

Team Bios

For the entirety of his career, Pierre has focused on building businesses that deliver meaningful consumer value and have a positive impact on our environment. As he sailed the Pacific, the prevalence of ocean debris sparked his vision to eliminate single-use plastics.

As a pioneering CEO in the U.S. and abroad, Pierre has been working to eliminate single-use bags—one shopping trip at a time—via his reusable shopping bag business, KeepCool, established over 20 years ago, which serves major retailers including Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods Market. At KeepCool, Pierre’s visionary and eco-conscious thinking quickly propelled him to the forefront of the market while simultaneously jumpstarting a social awareness that has forever changed consumer behavior.

As a business leader, Pierre is recognized for his relentless commitment to innovation within an ever-changing marketplace. He introduced the Better Bag—the first reusable grocery bag made of recycled plastic bottles, supporting a circular economy of collecting plastic waste—and has continued to focus on improving the environmental profile of his bags’ materials. His transparent approach and willingness to go the extra mile, whether in solving structural conundrums or overcoming cost challenges, have earned him business partnerships that have lasted over decades. Having traveled the oceans and seen the devastating impact of plastics on marine life, Pierre is passionate about driving environmental progress in every venture he touches.

KeepCool has been instrumental in transitioning reusable bags into the mainstream as well as driving ongoing innovations in sustainable materials to drive greater awareness of conscious habits and consumption. Out of the Woods® specializes in totes and insulated coolers made from Supernatural Paper™, a washable, durable, and more sustainable material option. Pierre’s newest venture, Out of the Ocean™ takes sustainability one step further, providing an alternative to single-use plastics that are made from Ocean Plastic®. Both Out of the Woods® and Out of the Ocean™ continue KeepCool’s mission, while introducing the world to the material innovation of Supernatural Paper™ and Ocean Plastic® which challenge the norms for the better.


Whole Foods
The Fresh Market


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