Out East Eyewear and Whalebone Pair Up for Summer Fun in The Hamptons Luxury eyewear brand to partner with Whalebone this summer
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NEW YORK – July 6, 2021 – Two brands are partnering this summer and it couldn’t be a better match! Luxury eyewear brand Out East Eyewear has formed a new summer partnership with Whalebone, a Hamptons lifestyle brand, and magazine. Whalebone will also exclusively feature Out East Eyewear at its location at 328 Bleecker St. in New York and its two retail locations in Montauk, 65 Tuthill Rd, and 541 E Lake Dr. The companies will collaborate on various Hamptons and New York City events over the next few months.

Out East Eyewear launched in December 2020. The Hamptons brand offers luxury, handmade sunglasses made with the finest materials. All of its sunglasses are made with Italian Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate, a renewable plant-based material, German double barrel hinges, CR39 polarized lenses, and 24K gold-plated and titanium hardware. Each frame is made with meticulous attention to detail, our process demands hands-on expertise and intricate attention to detail. Hundreds of elaborate processes go into each frame and a multitude of craftsmanship contribute to the final product.

“Our biggest value proposition is our replacement program,” said Out East Eyewear Co-Founder Dylan Grace. “If you lose or break a pair of Out East sunglasses, we will replace them for a fraction of the cost at only $35.”

Whalebone Magazine launched in Montauk, New York, in 2015 after making hand-printed t-shirts for five years. The company has expanded to include The Boneyard, Tuthill, and The Bleecker St. store. The company is “a community of like-minded individuals who all believe that being delightfully disoriented and putting some fun into the world isn’t the worst way to spend some time.”

Out East Eyewear has experienced tremendous growth over the past few months and is now being stocked in over 15 retail outlets across the country. Although the brand is constantly expanding into new areas and communities across the U.S, the company’s primary focus this summer is to grow and service its New York City and Out East community through strategic collaborations with brands such as Whalebone.

About Out East Eyewear -

Out East Eyewear is a modern luxury Hamptons eyewear brand that replaces lost or broken sunglasses for a fraction of the initial price. Founded by Dylan Grace, Jeremy Valeda, and Martha Nolan, who met while quarantining in a Montauk summer house in June of 2020, aim to disrupt the eyewear industry by providing a viable option to replace the premium sunglasses market at an affordable price. “After spending the summer of 2020 in a house full of New Yorkers who loved their sunglasses but kept losing them, we knew there was an opportunity to solve a frequent problem,” said Grace, Head of Strategy and Co-Founder of Out East Eyewear. “Our biggest value proposition is our replacement program. The program allows customers to live carefree, replacing lost or broken glasses up to twice a year for just $35, no questions asked”. 

For more information about Out East Eyewear, visit outeasteyewear.com.

Media Contact: Dylan Grace - dylan@outeasteyewear.com

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About Out East Eyewear
A Hamptons luxury eyewear brand that offers premium unisex sunglasses, with the option to replace your lost or broken shades for a fraction of the cost