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Out East Eyewear

A Hamptons luxury eyewear brand that offers premium unisex sunglasses, with the option to replace your lost or broken shades for a fraction of the cost


Date Established 12/2020
Founder Dylan Grace, Martha Nolan
Headquarters New York, USA
Press Contact Dylan Grace


Devon $225.00
Lincoln $225.00
Seascape $195.00
Willow $195.00
Watermill $350.00
Sayres $175.00
Charla $180.00
Galton $225.00


Out East Eyewear is a modern luxury Hamptons eyewear brand that replaces lost or broken sunglasses for a fraction of the initial price. Founded by Dylan Grace, Jeremy Valeda, and Martha Nolan, who met while quarantining in a Montauk summer house in June of 2020, aim to disrupt the eyewear industry by providing a viable option to replace the premium sunglasses market at an affordable price. “After spending the summer of 2020 in a house full of New Yorkers who loved their sunglasses but kept losing them, we knew there was an opportunity to solve a frequent problem,” said Grace, Head of Strategy and Co-Founder of Out East Eyewear. “Our biggest value proposition is our replacement program. The program allows customers to live carefree, replacing lost or broken glasses up to twice a year for just $35, no questions asked”. 

The collection is currently comprised of sixteen premium quality unisex sunglasses, though there are plans to expand into other areas of eyewear in the coming months. Each pair of sunglasses is designed carefully in the Hamptons and is sold on the Out East Eyewear website and will be in various stores in Montauk, East Hampton and Sag Harbor, and other boutiques across the country over the coming weeks. Each style is polarized and named after iconic streets in the towns of the Hamptons. Out East Eyewear only uses premium grade materials to craft their frames, such as Italian cellulose acetate – a renewable plant-based material. Out East Eyewear has a pair of sunglasses for everyone, from light-weight aviators, classic wayfarer styles to gold-plated round lenses. The brand has already collaborated with some well-known influencers and New York socialites and will be partnering with many other Hamptons brands this coming summer.

Founding Story

In the midst of a global pandemic, an idea was born. For many New Yorkers, summer isn’t complete if you don’t get to experience a Montauk sunset while enjoying a lobster roll, ride the morning waves at any of the Hamptons beaches, or even hit up a concert at any of the regular hot spots! Out East Eyewear's lifestyle brand was created to embody the carefree life Out East. After spending many months in a house full of New Yorkers who loved their sunglasses but kept losing them, Dylan knew there was an opportunity to solve a frequent problem.


Martha Nolan


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Martha is Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Out East Eyewear. She is responsible for global marketing and product development. Martha has over 8 years of experience in marketing; her career in marketing started in Fashion Tech, most recently she worked at Ogilvy as Client Partner and previous to that, Martha was Vice President of Client Strategy at Velocity Worldwide. Martha holds a Masters in Digital Marketing, and a Bachelor of Commerce, from University College Dublin.

Dylan Grace


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Dylan Grace is a Co-Founder at Out East Eyewear. He is primarily responsible for overseeing operational strategy and manages key partnerships and relationships. Dylan also directs and oversees the product order fulfillment process. He has over 6 years of experience in relationship management and hospitality operations both in Europe and in the U.S., focusing on luxury high-end hospitality in New York City and The Hamptons. Dylan is no stranger to the New York and Hamptons nightlife and restaurant scene and decided it was time to launch his own venture with his own brand—leveraging his experience and network out east into his own company. He most recently worked for Gurney’s Resorts, where he managed relationships primarily with high net worth individuals, celebrities, and influencers. He has also previously worked for other notable organizations such as Facebook and The Walt Disney Company. After spending the summer of 2020 in a Montauk summer house full of New Yorkers who loved their sunglasses but kept losing them and had to buy new pairs, Grace saw a problem they could solve. Dylan, who was born in Ireland and has been between both Ireland and the US since 2014, holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Finance from Technological University Dublin and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Languages and Economics from the University of Limerick.




"I can't get enough of my Out East sunglasses. The Culloden is so chic! I love how I can replace them if I lose them or break them. It's great!"

Sabrina Messmer

" I love my Devon sunglasses, the navy blue polarized lenses are fire! The best thing is I never have to worry about losing my sunglasses again! That's a real game changer for me!"

Pete Gudwin


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