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Date Established 07/2021
Founder Sara Ballou and Nick DiGiovanni
Headquarters Boston, MA
Press Contact Sara Ballou


Osmo Bundle
Osmo Bundle $89.99


A choice cut of meat, a nice piece of fish or a trayful of roasted veggies — whatever it is you're cooking up – hit it with the right salt, and it sings. 

Forget every other jar in your spice rack. Only salt has the ability to make or break a meal. It's that special quality that salt has, to draw moisture out of a cold cucumber, a juicy slice of watermelon or an even juicier steak, to make flavors insane. 

That special quality? That's called Osmosis. And Osmo Salt is definitely on board for it! 

Their premium, chef-selected, Michelin-star quality salts are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Topping, finishing, baking, boiling, curing… salt is used for so many things. Shouldn’t they be something special?

If you're not getting those flavors from your home cooking, if you need a little pep in your chef step, these salts are your secret weapon. Deployed with precision, up front and behind the scenes, Osmo premium cooking and finishing salts will kick your cuisine into next week. Just please make sure and tag them in your jaw-dropping #food posts when you get there.  

So go ahead. Take a pinch (or a palmful). 

Flavor’s in season! 

Founding Story

Osmo Salt was founded by two individuals with a true love for food. A veteran of the e-commerce and consumer packaged goods industries, Sara Ballou dreamed of starting a company in the culinary space but knew she would need some help. She decided to contact Chef Nick DiGiovanni on Instagram; she knew it was a longshot that the social media phenom with over 1 million followers would write her back, but he did! That conversation put into motion what would become Osmo Salt. After almost a year of research and analysis on various products and segments, Sara and Nick honed in on premium finishing and seasoning salts. It seemed that the space was ripe for disruption; all the major players were pretty much doing the same old thing, and no one was innovating. Today, Osmo features the world’s premier finishing and seasoning salt products, unlike anything else available on the market, with the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world.

Team Bios

Nick is the co-founder of Osmo Salt and a celebrity chef with an online following of over 10-million fans. He was a finalist on MasterChef Season 10, the youngest ever, and has been named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Nick grew his online following tremendously during the pandemic as interest in cooking spiked around the world, and today he is one of the top food creators in the U.S. on TikTok where he has over 4 million followers. While many opportunities presented themselves to Nick with his rise in popularity, Osmo Salt is his first retail product, and one he is very proud to promote based on its quality and sourcing methods. Nick graduated from Harvard University with a special degree in Food and Climate, and is involved with several culinary start-ups. When he is not cooking or working, you can find Nick hanging with his Pesto and Pepper, his pet hamster and micro Pomsky.

Sara is the co-founder of Osmo Salt. She is passionate about e-commerce and consumer packaged goods and has helped several companies expand their online retail presence by serving in key roles, including most recently as Senior Director of Ecommerce at Good American, a cutting-edge fashion brand designed for the empowered woman. Sara brings to Osmo not only a true love of food but many years of experience as a digital marketer with a key understanding of sales funnels and processes. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Jose State University and has been in the industry ever since. When she is not working, Sara enjoys cooking, traveling and exploring her hometown of Los Angeles.


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