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Date Established 06/2022
Founder Ohad Bashan and Isaac Berzin
Headquarters None
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sed Communications


Örlö is powered by VAXATechnologies and is committed to providing nutrition solutions that don’t compromise the health of ecosystems, our planet, or our morals. Örlö’s team believes that a balanced food system is powered by a commitment to sustainability and the regeneration of delicate ecosystems Without that commitment, sustainability means nothing.

Founding Story

VAXA Technologies is a biotech firm that is redefining the production of sustainable nutrition and is responsible for a new consumer product portfolio, Örlö Nutrition, which harnesses the full potential of algae through AI optimized growing conditions at its high-tech, Icelandic aquaculture planthouse.

VAXA developed a new scientific approach for sustainable and eco-friendly production of microalgae thru its patented technology - every bottle of supplements saves 110 Pelagic fish and 1.1 KG of Co2 eq (equivalent to driving around 3.2 miles)​. By going straight to the source (fish do not produce omega-3 but rather bio-accumulate it through algae), Örlö protects oceans and fish ecosystems, keeping them completely undisturbed.

VAXA’s technological platform revolutionizes the way we obtain our nutrition, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that makes standard methods obsolete for today’s consumer demands of pro-planet health: uncompromising wellness standards that benefit the earth as well.

VAXA’s completely self-sustaining and closed loop vertical algae farm has perfected growing conditions to deliver five times the nutrient content versus traditional means of growing algae. Given these growing conditions, there are no external factors impeding purity and consistency of the product such as environmental pollutants like mercury or PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or flame retardants, a competitive advantage when compared with fish, krill or algae grown in open ponds.


Ömega-3 $68.00
Prenatal DHA
Prenatal DHA $68.00
Immunity Boost
Immunity Boost $39.00
DHA $68.00
Holiday Bundle
Holiday Bundle $90.00

Team Bios

Corinna Bellizzi, MBA is a natural products industry executive and omega-3 expert who pioneered the growth of Nordic Naturals from less than $1 million to over $100 million in annual sales. Given her concern for the future health of people and the planet, she shifted her focus from fish-sourced omegas to algae in 2016. An activist at heart, she launched her podcast, Care More Be Better, in 2021 to cover social and ecological issues that affect us all. Today she leads Örlö Nutrition, a new algae brand that features the world’s first carbon-negative omega-3s. Örlö Nutrition grows their industry-leading algae omegas in pristine water in Iceland, using a controlled environment, optimized with artificial intelligence and circular economic principles. She hosts a new podcast, Nutrition Without Compromise, to support that effort where she covers health topics without compromising your ethics, or the health of our home planet.

Named one of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine for his work in sustainability and climate change, Isaac is an Affiliated Scientist at MIT, where he worked on a NASA sponsored project, developing bioreactors for the International Space Station.

His innovative work in sustainable alga cultivation has won numerous awards including the Frost and Sullivan Award (2006), Platts Global Energy Award (2006) and American Society of Competitiveness (ASC) Awards 2005, 2006, 2007.





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