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Bringing the world's most powerful adaptogens to you


Date Established 10/2014
Founder Drew Canole & Djamel Bettahar
Headquarters San Diego
Beverage, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Reilly Tiglio


green juice
green juice $69.95
red juice
red juice $69.95
gold $69.95
pure $69.95
immunity $39.98
gold chocolate
gold chocolate $69.95


organifi's commitment to their purpose is reflected in their everyday business practices through the ingredients they source, partnerships they build & support, & operations they invest in.

organifi believes that healthy humans & a healthy earth are one in the same. They choose the highest-quality ingredients available that have a positive impact on the planet & plant-based, whole food blends, each carefully combined to offer the body nourishment to create optimal health. organifi invests in farming practices that support the future of soil, species diversity, & keep the planet free from pesticides & herbicides, including glyphosate.

Their packaging partner is dedicated to providing sustainable product packaging by using post consumer recyclable (PCR) materials. This is a sustainable solution to reduce solid packaging waste (like plastic & paper waste) that fill up our landfills. organifi's canisters are made from either PCR plastic or Sugarcane, which captures CO2 in the growing process.

Through their partnership with Vitamin Angels, organifi is able to provide essential vitamins to malnourished children and pregnant women across the world. $0.25 of every red juice sold is donated to Vitamin Angels, which is enough to save the life of 1 child by supplying them with an annual dose of Vitamin A.

Founding Story

organifi started with a small group of friends and a dream to make the world a healthier place. Drew, Mae, Djamel, and the rest of the FitLife founding team began by coaching thousands of people to add juicing to their routine. The clients who had time and resources to juice daily saw life-changing results. People were increasing their energy, improving their mood, losing weight, healing their relationships, and breaking old limiting beliefs. But the team quickly discovered daily juicing was a high bar for most people.

They felt called to make the benefits of juicing accessible for everyone. After months of researching, sourcing, and testing, the first version of green juice was formulated. And organifi was born. The testimonies for green juice began pouring in. As demand continued to grow, organifi expanded its team, product line, and mission. Today they have the privilege of energizing and empowering millions of people every year through adaptogenic blends, content, and community.


Mae Steigler


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Mae grew up in Northern California, learning many of her life lessons in her parent’s organic garden. She believes health and vitality- the ability to nourish our bodies, minds, and spirit begins with our simplest daily choices. Because of this, Mae enjoys designing rituals from routines, finding wonder and presence in nature, and doing challenging, meaningful work.

Mae graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with a BS in Animal Science and Nutrition. As an R&D scientist, she studied temperature monitoring to improve animal wellbeing, decreasing the overuse of antibiotics in the dairy industry and within our food system. This work led Mae to study human health and change psychology 3 years later, ultimately meeting Drew Canole in 2010 and Djamel Bettahar in 2012 - the founders of organifi.

Now serving as organifi’s CEO and a member of the founding team, Mae brings over 15 years of experience in the agriculture and health industry. Since being founded in 2014, she has played a key role in organifi making INC. 5000’s fastest growing companies list and being awarded Forbes Great Places to Work more than 4 years in a row.

Mae lives in San Diego, California with her husband and loves playing pickleball, paddleboarding, birding, discovering new local coffee shops, and the amazing foodie culture.


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