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Date Established 01/2018
Founder Eddie Park & Sooj Park
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Toys & Gaming, Arts & Entertainment
Press Contact Bridget Gautrau


Hudson Torrefied Spruce Guitar
Hudson Torrefied Spruce Guitar $745.00
Milo Concert Mahogany Ukulele
Milo Concert Mahogany Ukulele $105.00
Florence Parlor Guitar
Florence Parlor Guitar $225.00
Oliver Mahogany Guitar
Oliver Mahogany Guitar $225.00


Orangewood is the leading D2C guitar brand reinventing the way people shop acoustic instruments. They run on a simple vision — making quality guitars more affordable and accessible to a new generation of musicians.

They give a voice to new, diverse musicians who innovate. Some of the artists who play Orangewood are Omar Apollo, beabadoobee, Sofi Tukker, Faye Webster, and Dominic Fike.

Every instrument comes professionally set up and is delivered right to your door. Since they only retail online, they can offer exceptionally high-quality instruments at an accessible price point. Plus, every guitar sold helps give back to the music education community through their Giving Guitar donation program.

Founding Story

Brothers and Co-Founders Eddie and Sooj Park grew up listening to guitar music, spending hours learning their favorite songs, and playing in punk bands. Knowing the transformative influence of guitars in their own upbringing, they questioned how they can empower the next generation of musicians and create a community of music lovers.

Their answer was to build a modern guitar brand that offers a simpler shopping experience to revitalize guitar culture. After spending 3 years researching, testing, and building, they released Orangewood's first collection in April, 2018.




Balancing all the factors, Orangewood might be making the best guitars for beginners right now as far as acoustics go. The company released their first guitars in 2018 after three years of trying to figure out offer quality instruments at affordable price point.

Billy Boight

Staff Writer, Guitar World

I kept returning to the front room, where the Orangewood reclined on its stand, quietly waiting. It became my retreat. It was a way to unplug from everything. When you play music there is no past, no future, there’s just that moment, that note that you’re playing. The rest of the world ceases to exist.

Scott Gilbertson

Senior Writer and Reviewer, WIRED

Designed in Los Angeles and sold strictly online, Orangewood is committed to bringing the venerable musical instrument into the modern marketplace.

Jon Langston

Reviewer, Men's Journal

For the generation of players demanding inclusivity as the future, Orangewood is taking the steps to declaring it a reality in acoustic guitars.

Alex Tyson

Writer and Musician, She Shreds Media

"Smoother sound, elegant styling. The Harper Concert Acacia looks nicer than our top pick, plays just as well, and has a softer sound that’s good for accompanying vocals."

Brent Butterworth

Senior Staff Writer, New York Times Wirecutter


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