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Date Established 09/2018
Founder Katy Hearn
Headquarters Louisville, Kentucky
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Hilary Combs


See Spot Chill
See Spot Chill $34.00
Bliss Balm
Bliss Balm $54.00
Lip Crush
Lip Crush $18.00
Blur the Lines
Blur the Lines $52.00


Onyx + Rose is a team of wellness experts with a genuine desire to help people through the science and beauty of high-quality CBD products. They believe that natural, 100% organically grown hemp from American farms has the power to bring balance back to your life. CBD is gentle yet effective and unlocks your body’s naturally existing endocannabinoid system. The products developed at Onyx + Rose speak volumes about their obsession with quality, and their belief in the potential of CBD to improve mind, body, and quality of life.

Founding Story

Katy Hearn (Founder of Onyx + Rose, FIT by Katy and Alani Nu) used CBD in her wellness regimen and couldn't find exactly what she was looking for. She knew that she wanted her CBD to be pleasing to the senses and something she'd want to incorporate into her daily wellness regimen, not just “for the health of it,” but for joy, too. For her, feeling good in your mind + body is the ultimate luxury. So, she set out to create the highest quality, intensely beautiful CBD products on the market. Onyx + Rose was born and from the start has focused on ways CBD can enhance your sense of well-being. In the bath, as a soothing balm post-workout, as a morning face wash, something to calm anxieties. Katy and the Onyx + Rose team want to be an important part of your wellness regimen, and of your life.


Katy Hearn


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Owner of three life-changing brands, Onyx + Rose, FIT by Katy and Alani Nu, Katy has been a business leader in the health + wellness space since 2012.


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