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Date Established 12/2020
Founder Jonathan Montet
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Health & Wellness, Fitness, Tech
Press Contact Jonathan Montet



ONYX Interactive ( is the leading connected fitness platform focusing on Pilates and functional wellness. The ONYX Reformer is the first reformer that allows you to complete full-body work in a forward-facing motion through your entire workout, making it the safest and most effective Pilates reformer. The ONYX digital platform provides instructor-led and AI-powered form correction coaching offering safe, effective, on-demand, and live workouts for all fitness levels and abilities.

- Patent-pending dual-directional technology allows forward-facing movement from start to finish.

- Hybrid functionally of a classical reformer and megareformer in one machine.

- Modular design for easy storage in less than one square foot.

- Online digital studio with world-class instructors and AI-powered form correction coaching for a personalized experience.

- A pandemic-born business.

Founding Story

Forced to adapt his workout routine during the pandemic, our founder Jonathan Montet discovered a major flaw with modern Pilates reformers. You have to rotate 180 degrees to complete a full-body workout. This makes it impossible to safely follow a digital instructor without having to spend time looking over your shoulder, taking your body out of proper alignment, risking injury.

This Ah-Ha moment led Jonathan to create ONYX, the world’s first reformer with forward-facing motion throughout your entire workout. Jonathan created ONYX’s patent-pending dual directional technology allowing you to complete a full-body workout from start to finish, never having to turn your back to your digital instructor. But he didn’t stop there. In addition to the dual-directional technology, ONYX has a hybrid functionally of a classical reformer and the more advanced megarefomers making it the perfect reformer no matter your experience level. With its module design, you get a full-sized reformer's functionality with the benefits of a smaller foldable reformer. The ONYX reformer can easily be broken down and stored in less than one square foot of space.

A self-proclaimed techie and data junkie Jonathan also noticed leading online programs in the Pilates and functional wellness space have yet to incorporate AI technology into their platforms. With the hardware issues now solved, he created the ONYX Studio, an online platform that combines world-class instructors with AI-enabled form correction technology. The ONYX studio provides members with a best-in-class personalized experience for all fitness levels and abilities.

Team Bios

Accomplished Human Resources Executive

Ex Uber, Starbucks, United Airlines, CoinFlip

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

ACE Sports Performance Specialist

Certified Lagree Instructor

Certified OrangeTheory Coach

Chicken Tender Fanatic




"Targets all the little muscles, especially for men there's a big difference. I feel like I wasn't as good an athlete as I thought I was after one Pilates workout."

Christian Jones

NFL Linebacker

"It Is innovative, effective, and beautifully designed."

Alexandra Efimova

Founder, Russian Point & FLX Stretch

"The machine is super cool, it’s sleek and what I love about is that it’s compact and can fit easily in your home. I’ve done Pilates and the tower, but the technology on ONYX is awesome for Pilates, and the fact you can have it in your house - very cool"

Joe Fischer

Owner, BIAN Wellness

"Other reformers were limiting that you have to turn-around. I love the way that you have 2 sets of handles and can focus on the workout."

Laurie Dimako

Owner, LD Sports Marketing

"My husband has a Peloton, but I think the ONYX Reformer is something I would use time and time again."

Stacy Rhodes

Fitness Instructor

"I am a big fan of Lagree but I LOVE the new ONYX reformer."

Jeremiah Attachu

NFL Linebacker


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