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Weighted sportswear


Date Established 01/2017
Founder Stefan Olander
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon
Health & Wellness
Press Contact PR Team


Omorpho's “Gravity Sportswear” is a collection of fitness apparel with small, light weights scientifically spread across your clothes to create a more challenging and effective workout.

Launched by a former Nike exec, Omorpho's range of “gravity sportswear” apparel adds resistance evenly and is designed to improve fitness without limiting mobility. Rounding out a line of leggings, shorts, and tops, their new G-VEST+ is a weighted vest that adds resistance training to any exercise that moves your core, from yoga and running to boxing and tennis. The weight is spread close across the body, avoiding the joints for easy movement—even through the trickiest poses. It also features an NFC tag that lets you tap your phone to your vest to easily launch free training workouts to teach you how to get more from your sportswear.

The G-Vest+ is light enough for most activities and heavy enough for real results. 5 pounds for her, 10 pounds for him. Daily workouts are just a tap away on the OMORPHO app.

Good to Know

MicroLoad is the science behind Gravity Sportswear. MicroLoad works by providing a targeted load to help you get more from your training.

Our gear distributes small amounts of weight naturally across your body, so you get fitter by just changing what you wear.

Hundreds of individual high-density polymer spheres are fused to the fabric to evenly distribute weight ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 lbs.

Crop top or long sleeves? Shorts or tights? Take your pick, then mix and match for even better results.

Light enough you don’t even notice, but heavy enough to build strength and burn more calories.

Burn up to 8% more calories | Run up to 3% faster | Jump up to 9% higher.


Founding Story

"Most of us spend 95 percent of our time training, yet all the apparel is designed for competition. So why wouldn't you use wearable weights to help you get fitter, faster, and stronger?" - Stefan Olander

Our mission is to simplify the pursuit of a fit life. It’s simple but powerful. We believe everyone deserves a fit life.

And although the idea of being “fit” may be different for all of us, we know, after decades of creating products and services for athletes at every level, that it’s the small changes over a longer period of time that deliver the greatest results. This is true whether you’re preparing to set a world record, crushing your workouts, or simply wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We were founded in 2017 in Portland, OR, and have spent over three years perfecting our Gravity Sportswear collection for you. It’s powered by MicroLoad™. Sounds fancy, but it’s simple - by loading your body with small amounts of naturally-distributed weight when training we can help you get stronger, fitter, and faster by simply changing what you wear.

The name OMORPHO is derived from Greek, meaning “beautiful,” and is the lens through which we create gorgeous products and services that simplify the pursuit of a fit life.


G-TIGHT $149.00
G-CROP $119.00
G-SHORT 2-IN-1 $159.00

Team Bios

Spearheaded by ex-Nike VP of global digital innovation Stefan Olander and joined by a group of nearly 20 execs with Nike ties, OMORPHO is bucking the trend of lightweight threads in the name of performance.

Dr. Erin Feser PhD

Head of Science

see bio

Please consider Dr. Feser as a source if you’re ever in need of a sport scientist. She’s currently focusing her new research on how carrying a microload can be used as a potential injury recovery tool, and she is also an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Belmont University.


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