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Date Established 09/2021
Founder Paul Ryll
Headquarters Greenville, SC
Press Contact Eliza Bostian


Founded by certified residential appraiser Paul Ryll, Oscar Mike Mobile Appraisals (OMMA) is an innovative offering that allows homeowners and data collectors to gather the necessary information to complete appraisals through an easy-to-use online application. Data is instantly delivered to a licensed or certified residential appraiser within the OMMA network, and the completed appraisal is securely sent back to the user. At a pivotal time in the industry, OMMA has successfully modernized the appraisal process while delivering significant time and cost-savings for consumers, real estate agents, appraisers and lenders.

Founding Story

For Paul Ryll, the onset of the pandemic wasn’t a time to feel sorry for himself as the world hit pause. It was a time to pivot — a time to think big. The world changed forever in a matter of weeks, and he saw opportunity to adapt right along with it. Paul initially thought that appraisals would decline due to COVID, as many people in the industry did. But instead, they ramped up due to people being at home, needing to make life changes, using the latest technology, and taking advantage of historically low mortgage rates.

Paul and his team, who currently run a separate appraisal business, started getting slammed with refinancing work, but there was a major problem — no one would allow them in their house. That’s when Paul's team started relying on desktop and exterior appraisals. Paul began to think about how the industry might look moving forward. Why couldn’t he continue with these approaches and make them better? The new appraisal process was cutting down on labor and also offering a more affordable option for lenders. He knew there was something there, and OMMA was born. Fast forward to today, and OMMA is set to launch on the national stage at the Valuation Expo, followed by subsequent launches at realtor and appraiser conferences throughout Fall 2021. It's set to disrupt the real estate industry - albeit in a positive, much-needed way.

Team Bios

An entrepreneur and certified residential appraiser, Paul Ryll is the co-founder of Oscar Mike Mobile Appraisals (OMMA) and is currently developing an innovative app that is set to positively disrupt the residential appraisal industry. Ryll is also a successful restaurateur and recently launched a new fast-causal Mediterranean concept, Parsley & Mint, with one location open and two in development. A former United States Marine, Ryll is literally “Oscar Mike” — military speak for “On the Move”.


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