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Date Established 01/2018
Founder Yannis Varellas Ouzounopoulos
Headquarters Delaware, United States
Press Contact Sofia Mougiou


Greek-owned, OLYRA offers the first ever organic & nutritious breakfast biscuits. Inspired by a Greek ancestor philosophy, Olyra’s products deliver the same values in a nutritious and delightful breakfast snack.

Olyra Breakfast Biscuits and Sandwiches are a harmonic combination of 4 ancient grains (Spelt, Lupine, Oat and Barley) in a delightful, wholesome breakfast snack. They are crafted with simple, non-GMO, organic ingredients. Each on-the-go pack contains 5g protein, 4g fiber and only 6g sugars. OLYRA breakfast biscuits offer sustained energy for more than 4 hours in order to start your day as a GREEK LEGEND! 2600 years ago, ancient Greeks developed a very sophisticated diet. It helped them nourish their creativity and sustain through battles. Olyra has encapsulated this wisdom in their unique recipe of Olyra Breakfast Biscuits.

Founding Story

5th Generation Family Business

Since the 20th century, CEO & Founder Yannis Varellas Ouzounopoulos' family has been milling grains for five generations in Greece. Love and dedication to their lands and crops is inherited from one generation to another. Olyra's grains are traditionally stone-ground, using the tools of my great grandfather.


Organic farming is important to preserve the land of their Greek ancestors. Olyra's ancient grains are always cultivated without fertilizers and pesticides. Unlike refined grains, Olyra preserves the nutritional benefits of the ancient grains by stone milling, a slow process with low environmental impact and superior nutritional result.

Local Community

Olyra works closely with a small community of farmers that grow our grains in Thrace, Greece, one of the lowest income regions in Greece and Europe. Farming high-value-added grains, provide new business opportunities to these low-income families.

Team Bios

Yannis Varellas Ouzounopoulos

CEO & Founder

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Yannis is the Founder & CEO, 5th generation of a flour mill family business. His family has been farming and milling grains for over one century. Love and dedication to the land is a core value for his family. Studied Chemical Engineering in Athens, focusing on food science and operating research in Cambridge University. Yannis is based in NY and is leading the development of OLYRA business.


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As a Greek, I am a big fan of Olyra Foods. Their breakfast biscuits are nutritious and delicious!

Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon Runner & Author


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