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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Slater McLean, Jack Paley
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Press Contact Slater McLean


Oliver Charles is the go-to sweater for modern professionals. Whether you're juggling big life decisions, powering through zoom calls, exploring the mountains, or going out to dinner, Oliver Charles is the perfect sweater for every occasion. Oliver Charles sweaters are made in Brooklyn, NY on advanced 3D knitting machines that "print" each sweater in a single piece without seams. They are lighter and stronger than other sweaters alike, and because of their innovative and unique production style, Oliver Charles is doing its part in reducing waste. Each sweater is made from khullu ("coo-loo"), a super fiber from high elevation Tibetan Yak, and merino wool.

Founding Story

Co-founders Jack and Slater's story begins in a 3rd-grade classroom, where they bonded over their inability to write cursive and spell the word "giraffe." Twenty years later, they're still not great on the cursive front but have fulfilled one of their life-long dreams of starting a brand together.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, outdoor adventures had a major influence on the two young men. Throughout their lives, they've always preferred wearing durable, high-performing clothes versus things that fell apart within a year, or were simply uncomfortable. There's a common theme among the brands they always loved to wear. No matter the phase of their lives, Jack and Slater gravitated towards long-lasting clothes that felt good to wear, and when they found clothes that they felt good in, they wanted to wear them all the time. The truth is, the relationship Jack and Slater have with their clothes is personal, and whether they're cycling through exhausting work weeks, cooking with their partners, or lounging on Sundays, they want to look and feel their best. There's even a science behind the relationship Jack and Slater share with their clothes called "Enclothed Cognition" - the study of how clothes impact well-being and determine creativity, productivity, and happiness throughout the day.

At the start of 2020, Jack and Slater set out to create a sweater their younger selves would be proud of; something they could wear all the time no matter the phase of life - a single item for all of life. 


Slater McLean


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Slater is the Co-founder of Oliver Charles. Prior to Oliver Charles, Slater was the Startup Director and Product Manager at GSVlabs (Now One Valley). During his tenure, he led partnerships and developed the Passport O.S. platform from prototype to just under a million dollars in ARR. Previously he ran the Maverick Accelerator, a custom 2-year accelerator that worked with over 450 venture capital firms to help companies through major strategic initiatives such as fundraising, go-to-market, and product development. 

He enjoys riding his bike through the presidio, fly fishing, camping, snowboarding, and spending time with passionate people in his free time. All while wearing a sweater, of course. 

Jack Paley


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Prior to Oliver Charles, Jack worked in Global Operations at Flexport, where he had the chance to learn about international logistics and work closely with inspiring consumer brands. Following his experience at Flexport, Jack joined GSVlabs (now OneValley) as a consultant, where he helped build their enterprise supply chain education program. Additionally, Jack is the founder of a brand called Aspen Crunch. Aspen Crunch makes small-batch dehydrated snacks with ultra-high-quality in-season ingredients - think trail mix but with unique premium ingredients like Maui Gold Pineapple, Black Mission Fig, and Bronte Pistachios.

Jack is passionate about global supply chains, ​branding, designing, writing, and growing consumer brands. He loves to get hands-on and deeply learn about new topics such as hand-weaving.


These sweaters are incredible. Great style, versatile, warm, machine-washable and made from yaks. Bought one for everyone in my family and we are all wearing them regularly. A few specific notes: I can wear this on the same day as my teenager and she isn't mortified that we are dressed alike since it looks different on each of us and I can accessorize a bit differently than her. It's indestructible since a teenager who does her own laundry still has hers and it looks brand new. I dress it up and down and even wear it as pajamas on some days. This is one of the best purchases ever. And Jack and Slater are great people -- we had the good fortune to meet them at local craft fair, which is how we were introduced to Oliver Charles. Thanks to you both!

Leslie Y.

Honestly, the best things about this sweater are all the things that don’t stand out about it. The fabric doesn’t feel noticeably heavy or scratchy when you’re wearing it. The color (I got the charcoal) is perfectly neutral. There aren’t any weird details, like slits or decals. The length isn’t too long or too short, either at the waist or at the sleeves. The neck and shoulders don’t gap or pull. It’s just the perfect nothing-odd-about-it sweater. Which is probably why I wore it four days the first week and another three the second week. At this point I’m honestly debating going the Steve Jobs route and just buying enough of these sweaters that I don’t have to wear anything else.

Melissa H.

I didn’t realize how many details you could get wrong with a sweater until I got one that got all of them right. The look is great, 3D knitting is a revelation, my wife loves to touch it and it has a lower environmental impact.

Christopher J.


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