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Body powder that prevents chafing with 3 simple, all-natural ingredients


Date Established 01/2019
Founder Chris Brown
Headquarters Virginia
Fitness, Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Chris Brown


Laddie - Body Powder
Laddie - Body Powder $8.99
Naked - Body Powder
Naked - Body Powder $8.99
Voyager - Body Powder
Voyager - Body Powder $8.99
Wildling - Body Powder
Wildling - Body Powder $8.99


Nutdust is a body powder made with all-natural ingredients that prevents chafing. The brand’s hero ingredient is arrowroot – a soft, smooth, anti-chafing agent that absorbs moisture and provides full-day dryness. Its fine texture means no clumping or chalky residue. Arrowroot’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties also help keep skin clear and healthy. Nutdust uses pure, non-toxic essential oils rather than chemicals or synthetic fragrances. They choose oils that offer a soft, natural scent without resorting to additives and they now have 4 hand-crafted unique blends - Laddie, Wildling, Naked, and Voyager. Each provides effortless relief and velvety texture and is an essential grooming product for every man. 

Nutdust uses 100% all-natural ingredients and essential oils and doesn't compromise on harmful ingredients like talc, cornstarch, heavy metals, or synthetics of any kind. Their mission is to continue to provide the highest quality, body powder on the market.

Founding Story

One summer after many weddings, some Scottish friends re-defined the way that body powder should smell, feel, and be applied. The legend of Nutdust was born.

After a few years, a better powder was created. One that was smoother in texture, that did not itch or clump, and one that contained wonderful scents for both men and women. With many laughs and puns along the journey, a powder was created that offers comfort and relief for the whole body. To this day it is clear that Nutdust is the way forward.


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