WHOLE FOOD, MATERNAL NUTRITION COMPANY LAUNCHES NEW SPRING FLAVORS Cashew Lemon and Almond Coconut Mama Balls Offer a Taste of Spring for New Moms!
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NEW YORK, NY (May 2021) - Whole food, plant-based maternal and infant nutrition brand, Nunona, recently introduced two new flavors to their Mama Balls range, Cashew Lemon and Almond Coconut, offering a delicious taste of Spring for new moms! They are available on the Nunona website for $42/28 balls, or a weekly subscription for $35, a daily ‘dosage’ of $5/day. Mama Balls are expertly formulated help to create quality breast milk, and the uplifting benefits of lemon in the Cashew Lemon flavor, and the nutrient dense benefits of coconut, found in Almond Coconut, are an added bonus to this delicious snack!

Nunona’s Mama Balls are an industry first. Focused on helping Mom create quality breast milk, Nunona’s energy balls have nutrients that help support babies' brain and body throughout their lifetime. With pre-portioned daily packs, Nunona helps take the guesswork out of getting extra energy -  when it’s needed most. As a new kind of ‘supplement,’ each package is presented in a one-week supply ‘pillbox’, containing 28 balls, helping to ensure new moms remember to eat. 

The quality of maternal diet affects the quality of breast milk. Nunona Mama Balls contain ingredients to support a new mom’s energy levels, recovery and the quality of her breast milk. Two important diet dependent nutrients for breastfeeding are fatty acids and B vitamins, which is why Nunona has formulated its Mama Balls with plant-based sources of Omega 3 & 6 (fatty acids known to help babies' brain development) and B vitamins (known to help with cell division and synthesis). 

Founder of Nunona, Krista Maas de Villiers shares, “The market is filled with overly sweet options for breastfeeding support, and while we all have the occasional sweet tooth, at Nunona we want to support a postpartum's women's recovery and breast milk with whole food, plant based nutrients, not processed flour and sugar”.‍

Other products in the Nunona collection include Cashew Confetti,  Peanut Cacao, and Cashew Matcha. To find out more information or purchase a Nunona box, visit www.nunonalife.com. 

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