INTRODUCING NUNONA: THE FUTURE OF MATERNAL & INFANT NUTRITION Launches with 'Mama Balls' that Nourish & Empower New Moms
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NEW YORK (August 2020) Female-founded nutrition company, Nunona, launches 'Mama Balls' to support optimal nutrition to breastfeeding mothers and their babies from the very beginning.

Rooted in science, Nunona believes healthy babies become healthy children and ultimately healthy adults. With a foundation of whole food plant-based nutrition coupled with empowering both parents and babies to make healthy choices, Nunona helps to create healthier humans.

Nunona’s debut product ‘Mama Balls’ are formulated to help create better quality breast milk, providing tailored nutrition for breastfeeding moms. Nunona 'Mama Balls' are made with organically sourced whole food and plant-based ingredients resulting in a product that helps to protect milk supply, improve the quality and provide some much-needed energy to the new mother.

According to the Pew Research Center, the U.S. is the only country among 41 nations that does not mandate any paid leave for new parents. Coupled with the hypermobility of the U.S. workforce, means many women struggle to keep their heads above water at home and at work. With all attention on the baby, it is hard to find an opportunity to shower, let alone ensure you are getting optimal nutrition to nourish yourself as well as your baby. Nunona was founded to easily address maternal and infant nutritional needs.

A trained dietician and seasoned infant nutrition industry executive, Nunona Founder and CEO, Krista Maas de Villiers, started Nunona on the premise that to change the way the world eats you have to start at the very beginning -- during the first 1000 days of life.

“At Nunona, which is an acronym that stands for Nurture, Nourish, Nature,  we are on a mission to change the way women feed their body so they can feed their babies,” says Nunona Founder and CEO, Krista Maas de Villiers. “When I moved back to the U.S. after living abroad for 10 years, I was six-months pregnant, getting ready to welcome my first child, and I astonished by the lack of options and support for women and new mothers nutritionally,” Krista added.

Nunona Mama Balls are available to order online from for easy home delivery and an optional commitment-free subscription service.

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