NYC Start-Up on a Mission to Nourish New Moms
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NEW YORK, NY (November, 2021) - Whole food, plant-based maternal and infant nutrition brand, Nunona, is on a mission to nourish new moms. Their debut product, Mama Balls, were created to help fuel postpartum recovery and contain nutrients that help support babies' brains and bodies throughout their lifetime.

Optimal postpartum nutrition benefits both mom and baby. With so much focus on the baby, mothers tend to forget that they have just undergone a major physical event themselves. Nutrients are required to replenish nutrient stores, and to support lactation. It is also required for optimal functioning and will affect a baby’s flavor preferences for life.

A baby’s ability to perceive flavors begins in utero and then continues whilst breastfeeding. Amniotic fluid and breast milk contain molecules derived from the mom’s diet. Early experience of food flavors serves as the foundation for the continuing development of food preferences across a baby's lifespan. Eating a varied diet can expose babies to many different flavors through breastmilk. Breastfed infants from mothers who consume a variety of flavors tend to be less picky and more willing to try new foods and may even affect their preference for certain flavors when they are an adult!

Nunona launched their Mama Ball Variety Pack that gives moms savory and sweet flavor options for a varied diet, including: Almond Coconut, Peanut Cacao, Cashew Matcha, Cashew Lemon, and Cashew Confetti. The Variety Pack is available on the Nunona website for $35/28 balls, or a weekly subscription for $29.75.

Founder of Nunona, Krista Maas de Villiers shares, “We are so excited to allow moms to try our variety of superfood flavors - from savory to sweet - now in one convenient pack. Mom’s diet not only affects the profile of breastmilk but flavor variation in maternal diet also helps to shape babies' pallet (and helps prevent picky eaters). In addition to nourishing new moms (and babies) with science-backed postpartum snacks we are also helping introduce daily flavor variety through our pre-portioned packs.”

Keep an eye out for additional launches this holiday season! To find out more information or purchase a Nunona box, visit

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