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Nude Envie

Clean, cruelty free makeup in a variety of nude shades that nourish the skin


Date Established 02/2016
Founder Isabel Madison
Headquarters Beverly Hills
Press Contact Isabel Madison


Radiate Lipstick
Radiate Lipstick $30.00
Rush Lipstick
Rush Lipstick $30.00
Mesmerize Lipstick
Mesmerize Lipstick $30.00
Intuition Lipstick
Intuition Lipstick $30.00
Timeless Lip Liner
Timeless Lip Liner $26.00
Affection Lip Gloss
Affection Lip Gloss $30.00
Greatness Cream Blush
Greatness Cream Blush $44.00
Dreamy Eyeshadow
Dreamy Eyeshadow $30.00
Passion Cream Blush
Passion Cream Blush $44.00
Peachy Cream Blush
Peachy Cream Blush $44.00
Pure Lipstick
Pure Lipstick $30.00
Naked Lipstick
Naked Lipstick $30.00
Daring Eyeshadow
Daring Eyeshadow $30.00
Dazzle Eyeshadow
Dazzle Eyeshadow $30.00
Destiny Eyeshadow
Destiny Eyeshadow $30.00
Golden Cream Highlighter
Golden Cream Highlighter $44.00
Reckless Nail Lacquer
Reckless Nail Lacquer $18.00
Perfect Lip Liner
Perfect Lip Liner $26.00
Patrick Foley's favorites
Patrick Foley's favorites $150.00
perfect nude nail collection
perfect nude nail collection $150.00


Nude Envie is a sophisticated line of refined, nude makeup that subtly enhances features other makeups often change or conceal. All products are intentionally kept within nude tones to most naturally enhance the skin and allow for the individual to shine. With this color palette, there is inevitably no "wrong" combination of shades to apply. All products wear well with one another, which always results in beautiful harmony on the face.

Nude Envie is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients. All products are certified vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free. All lipsticks are infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter, all lip glosses with added peptides, all cream cheek products with hyaluronic acid, all powder cheek products with crushed pearls, and all nail products are 10-free. Because they're so clean, they're inevitably very forgiving. Each product acts as skincare to absorb into the skin and naturally blend. The secret to applying any product is in the formula, not the technique. There's no 'wrong' shade to pick and no 'wrong' way to apply it- foolproof.

Founding Story

As the daughter of a cosmetics visionary, Isabel Madison grew up immersed in beauty culture. She learned at a young age that feeling beautiful and being beautiful were one in the same; and it was confidence, sophistication, and subtleness that made her feel beautiful. Just as Isabel began infusing her vision into her father’s cosmetics company she made the choice to put motherhood before her career. Never regretting her decision, Isabel raised three magnificent children, but her passion for cosmetics never faded.

It wasn’t until recently that Isabel finally found her place in the vast cosmetics landscape. While shopping, Isabel’s sister began to feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of vibrant colors of lipstick in the store’s cosmetics departments. Why did lipstick need to be so overly wild and bold? It didn’t! And with this revelation, Nude Envie was born.


Saks Fifth Avenue


"This is probably one of my favorite bronzers now, period. My inner JLO comes out so hard core from this one product. There's just something about this tone and the blend that I am obsessed with"

Tati Westbrook, Beauty Guru

"There's a magic to being able to capture your skin so that it looks like your skin, but enhanced, and Nude Envie has it"

Spencer Barnes, Celebrity Makeup Artist

"I'm all about the nude lips, and your lipsticks are absolutely amazing"

Patrick Tumey, Celebrity Makeup Artist

"My new obsession is Nude Envie, I love all of their products"

Patrick Foley, The Only Resident Makeup Artist at Neiman Marcus

"This lipstick and color is addicting, I swear, look how juicy the lips look. [gasp] SO pretty, guys! I know you're going to be obsessed"

Andreea Ali, Makeup Artist

"I LOVE my nudes! Cool is my new nude."

Nina Garcia

"My absolute favorite lipsticks and lip liners!"

Brooke Burke, TV Host, Entrepreneur

"THESE LIPSTICKS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!! The formula is creamy and moisturizing, but the lasting power is still there. I don't know how you created such a unique lipstick formula, but I am officially OBSESSED!"

Mallory Cornelison, Beauty Vlogger

"Nude Envie has the most gorgeous hydrating texture with the exact amount of shine that you’d want in a lipstick."

Mindi Parisi, Beauty Vlogger


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