Nordic Ways is Turning Up The Heat on America's Portable Sauna Industry The Brand-Centric Newcomer Is Helping Americans Melt Stress Away
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AMSTERDAM (December 2021) Nordic Ways Boutique, the company behind the personal at-home steam room, is excited to announce the launch of their new Signature Steam Spa. As USA's premier portable steam room provider, they bring all the wonderful health benefits of traditional Nordic saunas and make them available to Americans in a sleek and affordable package.

Max Calcaterra, CEO & Founder notes, "Since moving to Amsterdam four years ago, I've always admired the European way of life, in particular their prioritization of relaxation.” He continues, “In Europe, saunas are used daily for recreational, medical, and spiritual purposes. However, in the U.S., 3 out of 4 people aren't sweating enough, which aids to an already massive health crisis. Stress, anxiety, and burnout from COVID and work is at an all time high and so I wanted to find the perfect at-home relaxation solution.”

Nordic Ways mission is to make the full European spa experience, and the widely studied health benefits that come with it, available to all. With Nordic Ways, the experience is the product, and so the company set out to make the best at-home spa experience possible.

The Signature Steam Spa is full sized and portable and has the stamp of approval from Doctors of Physical Therapy and USA Olympic Athletes alike, but appeals to all demographics. The Spa is great for athletes suffering from muscle fatigue and achy joints to individuals looking to detoxify their body while they melt stress away.

With the Signature Steam Spa, you can fit a full-sized sauna in even the tiniest of studios, making it perfect for renters and people with limited space.

Nordic Ways is committed to reinvesting proceeds back into their product to make the best portable sauna experience, ever. Nordic Ways offers lifetime customer support and a free two-year extended warranty, the longest in the industry.

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