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Award-Winning, Innovative Weighted Sleep Products That Help You Stress Less And Sleep Better


Founder Melissa Bamberg
Headquarters Rocklin, CA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Christie Coburn


Nodpod is a female founded and owned sleep-wellness brand out of California offering award-winning weighted sleep products. A good night’s sleep is essential to overall health and well-being and Nodpod’s products are not just products, they’re a lifestyle.

At Nodpod we believe in taking care of one another and our planet. We have committed ourselves to initiatives that are important to us with the hope that it makes a difference in the world.

At Nodpod, we prioritize mental health and food insecurity. With every sale from our website, we donate 1% to either Feeding America or Rise Up, allowing our customers to decide which initiative to support.

Nodpod’s dedication doesn’t stop there. We also recognize the importance of sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. We partner with TerraCycle by actively recycling damaged goods ensuring they find new life. We also prioritize using certifications such as OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 and FSC that guarantee that our materials are safe for both you and the planet.

Founding Story

Melissa Bamberg, the founder of Nodpod, came from a creative family with a history of entrepreneurs. After the premier of Shark Tank, Melissa was inspired to create a product. This led to her "ah-ha" moment, in which after forgetting a sleep mask on a family camping trip, she used the sleeve of a cozy hoodie as a sleep mask. This is when Nodpod was born. Melissa sprang into action creating prototypes with the help of her Mom at her kitchen table.

When Melissa first began her trial-and-error process prior to receiving her patent, no weighted sleep products existed within the wellness retail space, but individuals could relate to the sensations related to weighted materials (i.e., heavy quilts, lead shields at the doctor’s office). Given that not many products existed at that time, Melissa’s product was a pioneer in the health industry as her R&D led to the "just right" feeling of deep touch pressure that creates the relief of tension and stress and makes her customers "Chill More. Stress Less. Sleep Better".

Nodpod’s growth has been achieved by product expansion and collaboration with national retailers including Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Paper Source, Barnes and Noble, Bloomingdales, and soon Target. Melissa and the Nodpod team’s dedication to their wellness product has led to recognition in popular publications including Goop, Allure, and Oprah Magazine, and has increased brand awareness and Nodpod advocates.


The Weighted Pod For Your Body
The Weighted Pod For Your Body $88.00
The Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes
The Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes $34.00


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