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No Conformity Co

Break The Mold


Date Established 12/2021
Founder Andrew Raid
Headquarters Raleigh, NC
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Nicholas Vitarella


Non-Conformist - NOUN

a person whose behavior or views do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices

See also: renegade, freethinker, maverick, original

We’ve been in countless gyms, and amidst all the grunts, clanks, and sweat, we noticed a pattern — gym gear is ugly. It’s been the same for ages. It’s bland, boring, and lacking character.

Like a bunch of madmen, we went out and bought every single piece of weightlifting gear in the market and put them to the test. Then another trend emerged. Rep after rep, lift after lift, we put the belts, wraps, straps, and knee sleeves to work and watched them break down. Not only did the products lack style, but quality as well.

With a passion for invention and dedication to weightlifting, we decided to do something about this. We set out to revolutionize the fitness industry. We ditched the status quo and forged a bold new path.

We thought if sneakers and streetwear can look dope, why can’t we bring that same attention to detail and aesthetics to gym gear? We didn’t accept what weightlifting belts, lifting straps, and wraps could do. So we made them better.

This is the non-conformist, innovative attitude that sparked the NoCo journey. We’re here to break boundaries and raise the bar for what gym gear can be. Now let’s level up together.

Founding Story

NoCo™ is a company founded by Andrew, a NC State University mechanical engineering graduate with experience in product development and product design.

Andrew has been weight training for years - he noticed that gym products had remained unchanged for decades, and saw an opportunity to take their evolution to the next level. 

With that in mind, Andrew went out and purchased almost every single piece of gym gear on the market and put them to the test for months. This extensive market research gave Andrew a very good understanding of the competitive landscape and confirmed his initial conclusion that gym products are lacking, not just aesthetically, but also in terms of quality and performance.

With strong passion for weight training, entrepreneurship, and product design, Andrew was inspired to fill the gap in the industry and create a brand that would revolutionize the stagnant gym gear industry.

Inspired heavily by the streetwear and sneakers industry, Andrew also wanted to transfer that aesthetic taste to the gym gear space. He wanted to reinvent and upgrade gym gear from an aesthetic and performance perspectives.

With this vision in mind, he founded No Conformity Co™ (NoCo™ for short), a brand dedicated to creating premium and innovative gym gear that disrupts the fitness industry and ultimately empowers fitness enthusiasts to be the best version of themselves and take their performance to the next level, physically and mentally.

With the recent success of the gym gear launch, Andrew wanted to expand NoCo’s product offering by creating a hybrid apparel concept that blends the streetwear aesthetics with the performance of activewear. This expands NoCo’s reach beyond the gym and empowers non-conformists to be their best selves inside and outside the gym.


NoCo Lifting Belt
NoCo Lifting Belt $139.00
ArmTrainer $129.00
Lifting Straps
Lifting Straps $34.00
Wrist Wraps
Wrist Wraps $44.00





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