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Real distilled spirits, minus the booze


Date Established 07/2020
Founder Becca Gardner
Headquarters Louisville, KY
Press Contact Becca Gardner


Whiskey Alternative
Whiskey Alternative $34.99
Tequila Alternative
Tequila Alternative $34.99
Gin Alternative
Gin Alternative $34.99


NKD LDY is not your typical non-alcoholic beverage company. Unlike other no/low-alcohol spirits, NKD LDY doesn’t start with water, but with actual distilled spirits. The alcohol fraction is gently removed from the spirits in a way that preserves as much of their original essence as possible. The spirits are then completed using flavor and aroma artistry acquired over decades of beverage development experience.

When you remove the booze, you need to raise the bar for all other elements of the cocktail experience. From the ingredients to the glassware and garnishes, each component of a cocktail is an opportunity for creative expression and flavor exploration. No longer are consumers who are choosing to reduce or remove alcohol from their lives limited to sodas, and other sugary juice-based drinks. NKD LDY's non-alcoholic gin, tequila, and whiskey alternatives provide the foundational building blocks for many of your favorite cocktails, but from here, the possibilities are endless.

Founding Story

What started in a basement in central Kentucky has over time evolved into what NKD LDY is today—real alcohol, minus the alcohol. The sole aim was to make a non-alcoholic spirit with the taste people expect and deserve. In 2019, CEO and Founder Becca Gardner moved back to her home state of Kentucky to pursue a wild idea. Through what began as a small incubation project at Bardstown Bourbon, we discovered that the most authentic products would come from their original sources, from along our own Bourbon Trail, to the traditional Tequila region of Mexico. We came back to our roots to build these products, and we stay true to the roots of the authentic flavors you expect from your spirits.


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