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Date Established 06/2016
Founder Nishchal Banskota
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Ritu Rajbanshi


Ganesha Green
Ganesha Green $14.00
Nepali Breakfast
Nepali Breakfast $12.00
Kumari Gold
Kumari Gold $14.00
White Prakash
White Prakash $15.00
The Wall Tea Infuser
The Wall Tea Infuser $29.99


Nepal Tea is a social enterprise that distributes the freshest teas from Nepal around the world. This tea comes directly from the foothills of Mt. Kanchanjangha, the third highest mountain in the world. 

Nepal Tea, as a company, envisions pulling a million Nepali tea farmers out of the vicious cycle of poverty within their generation. They're creating a tech-enabled transparent tea trade to connect primary producers to the ultimate consumers!

Founding Story

Nepal Tea was founded in 2016 by Nishchal Banskota with an idea of a social business venture with the hopes of providing best quality tea to the tea drinkers worldwide. Nepal Tea is a continuation of the multi-generational efforts dating back to the 1960s when Deepak Prakash Banskota, Nischchal’s father, first visited Darjeeling, India. After witnessing the blooming tea industry less than a hundred miles away from his home, he came back to Phidim,Nepal with a vision to uplift his community from poverty with tea. Deepak began his tea estate in his own backyard and slowly convinced Nepali community to invest and learn more about the tea world. Currently, Kanchanjunga Tea Estate, Nepal’s first certified organic tea garden, covers land pooled from more than 100 Nepali farmers. They are Nepal Tea’s most esteemed supply partners helping us buy our products from the farmers directly. By keeping the channel clean, the farmers get maximum benefit and our valued customers receive the freshest produce of the year packed directly from the tea estate.


Nishchal Banskota


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Nishchal Banskota is a 2nd generation tea producer and the founder of Nepal Tea which directly brings organic teas from Nepal to the American market while empowering smallholder farmers in the process. He is primarily concerned about the role of sustainable investment market. His vision is to create a tech enabled transparent tea trade that bridges the gap between the primary producers and consumers. He is an active member of European Specialty Tea Association (ESTA) working to define, educate and execute direct trade through the International Development Committee. His innovative work has been featured in major publications like the New York Times and Forbes and he has been a regular speaker at various tea festivals. He is a young leader for the European Union Development Days and an active advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Pratik Rijal

Co- Founder

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Pratik Rijal is a 3rd generation tea producer and the co-founder of Nepal Tea which directly brings organic teas from Nepal to the American market while empowering smallholder farmers in the process. He has seen the first-hand impact that tea has had in the village his grandparents and mom grew up in which is one of the motivating factors that gets him up every day. After working in the corporate sector for about 4 years, he left behind a safe corporate job to dive headfirst into the world of tea. These days, he is busy cooking up different ways to share our delicious brew with as many people worldwide as possible.

Fun Fact: Pratik was born on International Tea Day. In a way, he was meant to work in the tea industry!!




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