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Date Established 12/2020
Founder Jeremy Kim & John Dalsey
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Megan Harris


Nectar Hard Seltzer is the AAPI-owned hard seltzer bringing Asian flavors to the mainstream with their refreshing all-natural fruit flavors: mandarin, lychee, yuzu and Asian pear. Traditionally, hard seltzer brands manufacture their products using grain alcohol or another quickly fermented base, which can lead to an off-putting aftertaste. Nectar’s proprietary brewing process takes double the amount of time than competitors, resulting in a noticeably cleaner drink and no aftertaste. Each can of Nectar has 4.7% ABV, 90 calories, 1g of carbs and zero sugar.

Nectar’s success is due to the support of their passionate fan base and their ability to build a sense of community online that has translated into real, engaged customers. Nectar's social media footprint currently has over 1,200,000 subscribers across all platforms and has cleared 350M+ in organic views without any paid advertising. In addition to their seltzer, Nectar’s co-founders host a weekly podcast, Under the Influence.

Founding Story

Like many during the pandemic, childhood friends Jeremy Kim, John Dalsey and Brando decided to turn their COVID layoffs into an opportunity to pursue their passion. For the friends, that passion was a new take on hard seltzer by incorporating Asian-inspired flavors, with minimal ingredients and zero grams of sugar. As a small alcoholic beverage startup without the backing and name recognition of behemoth brands in the industry, Nectar had to prove to distributors that stocking their shelves with Nectar’s divinely different beverage would be financially beneficial to them. In October of 2020, the Nectar team visited over 200 stores in Los Angeles and were rejected by all.

To prove the distributors wrong, Nectar posted a TikTok video with their phone number asking for anyone who wanted to try their drink to text them and ask them to come to their city. The video went viral (300,000 views in 3 days) and Nectar received hundreds of messages. Nectar used this feedback to convince select stores in L.A. to carry their drink and texted their fans about the impromptu drop. Within an hour, they sold 300 boxes! They used the overwhelming positive response to do the same in a liquor store one town over, where they sold over 300 boxes in 30 minutes.

Today, Nectar is one of the top selling hard seltzers with a retail footprint of 1,600 stores including Target, Whole Foods, Total Wine, BevMo, Safeway, QFC (Kroger), Wal-Mart, 7-11 and H-Mart with a confirmed 764 new locations by Spring 2023.


Variety Pack - 24 Cans
Variety Pack - 24 Cans $58.00

Team Bios

Jeremy Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

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Jeremy Kim is the co-founder and CEO of Nectar Hard Seltzer. A Korean-American from Los Angeles, Jeremy is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. After college, Jeremy began his career as artist manager working alongside musicians including ZHU, Krewella, Gallant, Nombe, Emmit Fenn and Thutmose, among others. In 2020 Jeremy left the music industry to co-found Nectar Hard Seltzer alongside his two close friends, John Dalsey and Brando. Jeremy’s goal was to create an alcoholic beverage that was nostalgic of the classic Asian flavors he loved growing up and a refreshing alternative to mainstream hard seltzers.

In 2021, Jeremy became the co-host of Under the Influence, a podcast in partnership with BarChemistry’s Wootak Kim, which has evolved to a bi-weekly show with a four-person cast, including Viet Trap and Littlebunszz. As the show continues to grow in popularity, the original goal remains: to give a platform to out-of-the-box creators and share lighthearted stories from the Asian American experience to the mainstream. The show currently has over 1M followers across all platforms and over 300M+ organic views.


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