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Date Established 06/2015
Founder Chrissy Cabrera
Headquarters Maryland, USA
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Chrissy Cabrera


Refuge Rejuvenating Foot Soak
Refuge Rejuvenating Foot Soak $21.00
Tranquility Calming Foot Soak
Tranquility Calming Foot Soak $21.00
Escape Cleansing Foot Soak
Escape Cleansing Foot Soak $21.00
Hydrating Cuticle Oil
Hydrating Cuticle Oil $22.00
Nourishing Foot Butter in Lemon Ginger
Nourishing Foot Butter in Lemon Ginger $27.00
Pure Relief Moisturizer
Pure Relief Moisturizer $27.00
5N1 Nourishing Oil
5N1 Nourishing Oil $27.00
Replenishing Daily Antioxidant Serum
Replenishing Daily Antioxidant Serum $38.00
Soothing Foot Balm
Soothing Foot Balm $27.00
Cleansing Enzyme Scrub
Cleansing Enzyme Scrub $27.00
Moisturizing Polish
Moisturizing Polish $30.00
Multiuse Cleansing Mist
Multiuse Cleansing Mist $10.00
Glass Nail File
Glass Nail File $9.00


Naturally London is a health & wellness brand transforming the way women take care of their feet and hands. We consciously craft essentials for soothing hand, foot, and body rituals.

Naturally London uses intentional ingredients in our collection of handcare and footcare to transform routine into mindful moments.

Founding Story

Chrissy Cabrera, founder of Naturally London, created her botanical-based collection of essentials to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, beginning with your roots. She consciously crafted each product with multi-purpose intention.

She knows a thing or two about foot pain and swelling. Chrissy used to suffer from severe swelling and pain in her feet. Daily foot soaks with early recipes of her current foot soaks eased her stretched and puffy skin. The scent of citrus and spearmint soothed her anxiety allowing her to simply relax. This alone calmed Chrissy's spirit.

The mindful moments of soaking her feet daily truly nourished her mind, body, and spirit. She is excited to share this with you.

Naturally London creates soothing hand, foot, and body rituals for all.


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New You Beauty - Apr 07, 2022 Hydrating Cuticle Oil with Willow Bark Extract – New You Beauty Award Winner 2022 "Like a day at the spa Hydrating Cuticle Oil from Naturally London is luxurious in every way. We love the lavender smell and the ease-to-use pen. Designed for the conscious consumer this product is also vegan, synthetic free and cruelty free, which is always bonus points in our book. Healing and softening dry cuticles, this oil is truly a star, it’s no wonder it’s already won some big name beauty awards., $22."
The Today Show - Feb 25, 2022 Protect your hair, skin and nails with these 6 strengthening products "When it comes to your beauty routine, it is all about confidence, but sometimes our journey to feel confident leaves our bodies a bit weaker than before. Between brittle nails after multiple salon trips to bleached and damaged hair, or even thin eyelashes after layers of mascara, we all have things we want to strengthen..."
The Skimm - Jan 20, 2022 18 Products That’ll Get You in a Good Headspace "And a trio of relaxation foot soaks that’ll melt away stress… And dry skin. Maybe you wanna banish some funky smells or maybe you’re looking to seriously treat some cracked heels. Whatever your goal is, these soaks will enhance your relaxation time. The calming scents of vanilla, grapefruit, and lemongrass will help you unwind. Each one is crafted with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help relieve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis."
Mindbodygreen - Nov 15, 2021 Self-Care Finds That Feel Good Inside & Out "For those without a soaking tub, no time for a full bath, or who are on their feet all day—a foot bath can provide all the relieving and reviving benefits of its full-body counterpart. This salt blend is infused with moringa oil, a botanical we love for its incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties."
Byrdie - Oct 05, 2021 Pedicures for Men: The Complete Guide "Aman getting a pedicure used to be a rare occasion, but by today’s standards, no self-care routine, regardless of gender, is complete without the head-to-toe treatment. And when you think about the beating our feet take more than any other part of our body, it gives rise to a number of both practical and indulgent reasons why pedicures are beneficial to us—from alleviating the discomfort of ingrown toenails to the stress of being on your feet all day. All in all, pedicures for men is a great idea all around..."
Allure - Sep 15, 2021 The 19 Best Nail Products of 2021 "Join us in giving a round of applause for the nail-care winners (only if your manicure is dry, of course). Discover every polish, press-on, shade, and removal formula that won a spot in our hearts and at our manicure appointments this year."
Martha Stewart - May 26, 2021 How to Give Yourself a Simple Five-Step Manicure Using Natural Ingredients "Giving yourself a manicure at home is a great way to enjoy a little self-care—this is especially true if you're using good-for-you ingredients. But so many skincare products and nail polishes are loaded with chemicals that can dry out your skin. While traditional exfoliants, moisturizers, and polish removers all serve a purpose, sometimes you just want a natural, chemical-free manicure to get your hands feeling soft, supple, and cared for..."
Cosmopolitan - Mar 11, 2021 160 Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Freakin' Now "The beauty industry has a looong history of excluding Black women, whether it's as consumers or as brand founders. It goes without saying that this needs to change, and that change is being led by Black women themselves—aka the founders, owners, and CEOs of hundreds of beauty brands that are doing the work to shift the industry in the right direction. As beauty lovers and shoppers become more cautious of where their money is going and what brands they're supporting, buying from Black-owned businesses is just one of the many ways to pour back into the Black community and show allyship..."


"An amazing gel-like oil. Throw in your bag to keep and apply throughout the day."

Julee Wilson

Cosmopolitan Beauty Director

If you have feet, you need these products.

Tory Johnson

Good Morning America contributor


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