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Date Established 07/2015
Founder Chrissy Cabrera
Headquarters Maryland, USA
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Chrissy Cabrera


The London Hand Kit
The London Hand Kit $99.00
Intense Moisturizing Treatment Candle
Intense Moisturizing Treatment Candle $38.00
Moisturizing Polish
Moisturizing Polish $30.00
Hydrating Cuticle Oil
Hydrating Cuticle Oil $22.00
Pure Relief Moisturizer
Pure Relief Moisturizer $27.00
Nourishing Foot Butter in Lemon Ginger
Nourishing Foot Butter in Lemon Ginger $27.00
Soothing Foot Balm
Soothing Foot Balm $27.00
Replenishing Daily Antioxidant Serum
Replenishing Daily Antioxidant Serum $38.00
Tranquility Calming Foot Soak
Tranquility Calming Foot Soak $21.00
Refuge Rejuvenating Foot Soak
Refuge Rejuvenating Foot Soak $21.00
Exhale Foot Soak
Exhale Foot Soak $21.00
Escape Cleansing Foot Soak
Escape Cleansing Foot Soak $21.00
Cleansing Enzyme Scrub
Cleansing Enzyme Scrub $27.00
Multiuse Cleansing Mist
Multiuse Cleansing Mist $10.00
5N1 Nourishing Oil
5N1 Nourishing Oil $27.00
Stainless Steel Foot File
Stainless Steel Foot File $28.00
Glass Nail File
Glass Nail File $9.00


Naturally London is a health & wellness brand changing the way women take care of their feet and hands. Our consciously crafted foot care and hand care provide soothing hand, foot, and body rituals.

Naturally London uses intentional ingredients in our collection of handcare and footcare to transform routine into mindful moments.

Founding Story

Chrissy Cabrera, founder of Naturally London, created her botanical-based collection of essentials to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, beginning with your roots. She consciously crafted each product with multi-purpose intention.

She knows a thing or two about foot pain and swelling. Chrissy used to suffer from severe swelling and pain in her feet. Daily foot soaks with early recipes of her current foot soaks eased her stretched and puffy skin. The scent of citrus and spearmint soothed her anxiety allowing her to simply relax. This alone calmed Chrissy's spirit.

The mindful moments of soaking her feet daily truly nourished her mind, body, and spirit. She is excited to share this with you.

Naturally London creates soothing hand, foot, and body rituals for all.


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"An amazing gel-like oil. Throw in your bag to keep and apply throughout the day."

Julee Wilson

Cosmopolitan Beauty Director

If you have feet, you need these products.

Tory Johnson

Good Morning America contributor


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