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Date Established 01/2013
Founder Gwen Jimmere
Headquarters Detroit, MI
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sara Spiegel


Hello Gorgeous Haircare System
Hello Gorgeous Haircare System $56.00
Dramatic Definition Gel
Dramatic Definition Gel $33.00
Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil
Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil $11.99


Naturalicious creates high performing and time-saving, plant-based hair care and skincare products for the busy woman. They specialize in creating products for all types of curls; tight and loose and everything in between. Naturalicious believes every woman is perfectly gorgeous as is, and there is nothing they need to fix or change about themselves. Their products help support this self confidence in leveling up curls, promoting a healthy scalp and deeply conditioning hair to help people feel their best. To date, Naturalicious has saved over 70,000 women more than 1.2 million minutes on their hair routines.

Founding Story

Naturalicious was founded by CEO Gwen Jimmere, an all-natural hair care brand specializing in products for curly hair types designed to save time, frustration, and space in your bathroom. Gwen started her company with $32.00 in her bank account and made her first batch of products in her kitchen. Naturalicious has since gone on to become one of the fastest growing hair care companies grossing sales of over 7 figures a year. In addition, Gwen holds a spot as the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product and in 2020 she was named an Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.


In 2013, Gwen Jimmere found herself in an unpredictable situation - having been recently laid off from Ford while going through a grueling divorce and caring for her 1 year old son, Gwen was forced to make quick decisions in order to generate an income. Living in Detroit with only $32 to her name, she decided to turn a hobby of creating all natural hair care products into a business. Since establishing her company, Gwen’s resilience and determination has contributed to the success of a thriving business, which is now sold in major retail stores like Whole Foods, Sally Beauty and Ulta Beauty. She cemented her place in history as the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair product. Her team has grown from 1 to 13 with an HQ office in Detroit and the product line has expanded into skincare.

Perhaps most importantly, Gwen has changed the lives of her customers through the Naturalicious products and by simply being her authentic self. Gwen’s intoxicating personality and ‘glass half full’ mentality is one you want to be surrounded by. People shop Naturalicious products for their results, but they stay for the community. Whether it be through the Naturalicious Facebook Group or the Repair Your Hair Challenge, which was born during quarantine and is now providing participant's the opportunity to teach and earn money, Naturalicious is bringing women together, empowering them with confidence and giving back time that was once spent on haircare.


Ulta Beauty
Whole Foods




“On my low-porosity hair, I prefer alcohol-free gels and gels to style my curls. I love the Naturalicious Dramatic Definition Gel. It gives a nice, firm cast, amazing definition, shine, and it’s flake-free!”

David Lopez


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