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Content to make you think. Products to make you feel better naked


Date Established 05/2020
Founder Hannah Rose and Shawna Watterson
Headquarters Vermont
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Champlin PR


The Juicer Muff Masque
The Juicer Muff Masque $14.00
Trinity Masque Bundle
Trinity Masque Bundle $36.00
The Rehabber Muff Masque
The Rehabber Muff Masque $14.00


Nakey is a female-owned sexual wellness and body product company challenging conventional standards of beauty and sexuality.

Nakey cares about your privates and the planet and is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. All products are fully compostable and biodegradable.

Founding Story

Nakey co-founder, Shawna Watterson, always believed sex as the one true connector in life. While other people found it hard to discuss, she went the opposite direction. She was loud about sex. Her sex stories weren’t more erotic or more interesting (most, at least), they’re mostly basic coming-of-age stories we all experience, hormonal imbalance, awkward pubescent interactions, and first steps into adulthood. The only difference was her willingness to talk about it. 

As she grew into her twenties and now her thirties, sex remained a point of fascination. She was an actual adult having actual sex with actual other adults. More joy. More pain. More stories. As she got older, her interest in sex only grew. So, what does one do with this lifelong fascination? Start a company, I suppose. Create products that push the conversation with their names and uses.

Shawna and Hannah’s (Nakey's co-founder) friend had a baby. She was using homemade postnatal pads to recover. They didn’t know it at the time, but the seeds of our company had been planted. Then, in 2017, while on a trip to Cuba, the founders found themselves extremely hot and in need of relief. They remembered the postnatal pads and joked about creating a soothing product for their, quite frankly, uncomfortably Havanah-hot vaginas. It was that simple. It was a joke, sort of. But when they got home, it stayed on their minds and they decided to turn the idea into a reality. In 2020, they created Nakey and launched their first product, Muff Masque.

What started out as one of their many discussions about vaginas turned into something so serious. Not only did Shawna find a way to channel her lifelong interest in sex and share it with the world, they want to utilize Nakey to make innovative products and challenge conventional standards. Nakey wants to normalize talking about sex. Nakey wants to invert the power dynamic of defining what is sexy from the other to the self. Feel better naked.

Team Bios

Hannah Rose


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Hannah Rose is from Stowe, Vermont. She attended UNH where she and co-founder Shawna met. Hannah has extensive experience in retail after launching “Beldi Made” in 2016, a company specializing in selecting and importing Moroccan Textiles, before her passion for health and wellness led her to co-found Nakey. But her greatest passion is her daughter, Willa. Hannah runs Nakey full-time between breastfeeding, bottles, and the daily beautiful chaos of parenthood. Hannah lives in Burlington, Vermont, where Nakey is headquartered, with her husband, daughter, two dogs and five chickens.

Shawna Watterson


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Shawna Watterson is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada but has lived all over the world at this point. She swam at UNH where she attended the Whittemore School of Business. After college, Shawna became a top salesperson at Stryker in medical device sales before leaving to pursue her dream of having her own company. She and Hannah started Nakey in 2020 and released their first product, Muff Masque, to critical acclaim. Shawna has had a lifelong passion for sex-- wait, that doesn’t sound right, for using sex-- also not right, for discussing sex and sexuality in all its forms as a path to human connection, personal freedom and a better world. Shawna currently runs Nakey full-time and lives with her husband in Upstate, New York.


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