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Date Established 04/1992
Founder Sue Ismiel
Headquarters Australia
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Adriana Apodaca


Nad's Strawberries & Cream Waxing Dots
Nad's Strawberries & Cream Waxing Dots $14.99
Nad's Natural Sugar Wax
Nad's Natural Sugar Wax $12.99
Nad's Hair Removal Body Butter
Nad's Hair Removal Body Butter $7.99
Nad's Eyebrow Wax Strips
Nad's Eyebrow Wax Strips $8.99


Nad's has been supporting self-care since 1992 by creating the most user-friendly and effective at-home hair removal solutions, so everyone with unwanted hair can feel and be their best. Nad's products aim to elevate the experience of at-home hair removal by offering consumers innovative products that are easy to use, gentle on skin and highly effective. It's product portfolio includes Waxing Kits, Wax Strips, Depilatory Creams and Post-wax care.

Nad's is committed to finding more sustainable solutions for the production of its products and the delivery of those products to customers via travel and packaging. Nad's is PETA certified and forever and always cruelty-free.

Founding Story

Nad's was founded in Australia in 1992, by Sue Ismiel, a mother who could not find a hair removal solution that was suitable for sensitive skin to use on her 13 year-old daughter, Nad. Sue turned to the ingredients in her kitchen to create an extremely effective natural, no-heat, hair removal formula.

Nad’s Original Hair Removal Gel spread from Sue’s family to friends, and then rapidly throughout Australia’s consumer market, winning awards and dominating its category. In 1998 the product entered the U.S. market via a popular infomercial, climbing from Top 100 product to Number 1 in its category within a year. The phenomenal success of Nad’s Original Hair Removal Gel provided a platform for the brand to expand and develop more at-home hair removal solutions using the very best ingredients from sources as close to nature as possible.

Nad's products are now also sold in the UK, New Zealand, Germany and France.

Team Bios

Natalie Ismiel

Brand Ambassador

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Natalie is the face of Nad’s along, acting as the brand's Brand Ambassador and Brand Manager. It was her sensitive skin that inspired the creation of Nad’s as a 13-year old. Today, Nat brings over 20 years of marketing experience to the business and has served as the demonstrating force of their products at pop-up shops and trade shows. She genuinely enjoys connecting with consumers and is proud to have waxed thousands of brows (and other body parts) over the years as she chats about all-things hair removal. Nat is a glass-half-full kind of girl, a dedicated team player and isn’t shy about balancing it with self-care—yoga and spa massages are her indulgence.

Sue Ismiel is a passionate entrepreneur and the creator of Nad's hair removal products. Nad's began in Sue's kitchen 30 years ago when, determined to find a gentle hair removal solution for her young daughter, she created the original Nad's Original Hair Removal Gel.

Sue Ismiel is now the Founder and Owner of Sue Ismiel & Daughters, where she is actively involed in operations alongside her three daughters. Her company has grown to include other brands, including Nad's for Men and NitWits head lice control products.

Ismiel is recognised as one of Australia’s most successful businesswomen and dedicated philanthropists. She has won accolades from the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002, InStyle Woman of Style award in 2013 and was nominated for NSW Business Woman of the Year in 2020.


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Us Weekly - Jun 19, 2020 Glam Squad House Call: Natalie Ismiel Tells Us How to Do an At-Home Bikini Wax "Even though salons are slowly opening back up after closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s understandable that some people may be hesitant to reintroduce the waxing beauty service to their routine. And with swimsuit season in full swing, people might be looking to clean up their bikini area themselves at home. So we spoke with Nad’s brand expert and ambassador Natalie Ismiel to get the scoop on how to do a DIY bikini wax that won’t end in disaster." - Apr 23, 2020 This eyebrow waxing kit helps me maintain my brows between salon visits — it's easy to use and costs less than $6 "The Natural Precision Eyebrow Wax Wand is an affordable at-home waxing and shaping treatment kit that includes all the tools you need to achieve a professional arch. The kit includes a pre-wax soap bar to prep your brows, a wax pen applicator, and enough cotton strips for at least five gentle, yet effective hair removal treatments."


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