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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Lindsey Mallon
Headquarters Miami
Press Contact Lindsey Mallon


Asymmetric Chain Appliqué Leather Jacket
Asymmetric Chain Appliqué Leather Jacket $2200.00
Maxi Slip Dress with Chain Straps
Maxi Slip Dress with Chain Straps $650.00
Chain-Applique Striped Leather Blazer
Chain-Applique Striped Leather Blazer $2975.00
Pleated Asymmetric Skirt
Pleated Asymmetric Skirt $1425.00
Metallic-Print Asym Wrap Dress
Metallic-Print Asym Wrap Dress $1120.00
Goddess Gown with Flecked Gold Chiffon
Goddess Gown with Flecked Gold Chiffon $1750.00
Gold-Flecked Contrast Top
Gold-Flecked Contrast Top $350.00
Asymmetric Lapel Jumpsuit
Asymmetric Lapel Jumpsuit $1325.00
Belted Silk Jumpsuit
Belted Silk Jumpsuit $795.00
Chain Appliqué Chiffon Bustier
Chain Appliqué Chiffon Bustier $950.00
Metallic Suit Jacket
Metallic Suit Jacket $1260.00
Chain Strap Bustier Crop Top
Chain Strap Bustier Crop Top $700.00
Silk Crepe Apron Dress
Silk Crepe Apron Dress $350.00
Button-Up Circle Skirt
Button-Up Circle Skirt $740.00
Suit Dress (Optional Tie Waist)
Suit Dress (Optional Tie Waist) $1250.00
Ivory/Silver Blazer & Short
Ivory/Silver Blazer & Short $1390.00
Stretch Silk Chain-Strap Bralette
Stretch Silk Chain-Strap Bralette $440.00
Nadjarina Holiday Candle (Refillable)
Nadjarina Holiday Candle (Refillable) $135.00


Nadjarina is a conscious luxury brand, with a focus on the deeper progression of sustainability and community.

Bringing mindfulness and depth to the fashion landscape is a driving force for the Nadjarina brand. For Nadjarina, sustainability is a focus on more than just fabrications, it is also a focus on the community of people who bring the Nadjarina vision to life, and the integrity of a garment. Each and every piece is handmade by skilled crafters in an inspired atelier in downtown Los Angeles. It is important to Nadjarina that they bring a sense of community and humanity to the workspace, especially in an industry so well known for the lack thereof. The story behind each piece is of pride and passionate craft.

Nadjarina is an ongoing dialogue around complexities of modern femininity. This modern femininity is a daily conscious practice, a delicate but strong balance, that creates that woman. It’s embracing both our masculine and feminine and merging them. It’s juxtaposition. Nadjarina is a conversation within those merge points. It is designed for the woman unapologetically carving her own path in the world.

Founding Story

Lindsey launched Nadjarina in Los Angeles after her move from NYC with her daughter (for whom the brand was named after), with a focus on her conscious luxury ethos, and observing the lack of wardrobe that truly emulated today’s modern citizen.

Disenchanted by the (lack of) labour standards she witnessed, and inspired by her own experience as a single mother, she launched Nadjarina as both a conscious luxury collection and a platform to advocate for the future we need for both our communities and our planet.

Her aesthetic is inspired by the women unapologetically defining and evolving the role of femininity for the future. Nadjarina is a wardrobe designed to emulate this empowered-female mentality, taking ownership of her story. 

Team Bios

Lindsey Mallon, founder of both Nadjarina and Splyt, is a single mom and entrepreneur in the luxury industry.

Her RISD graduate thesis was featured in V Magazine, which launched her career in the fashion industry in NYC. This led to over a decade of experience, spanning from design through supply chain and sales. This experience informed her career’s focus on the deeper meaning of sustainable consumerism and commerce, with an emphasis on labor standards, humanizing business partnerships, and deepening consumer-brand connections through transparent ethics and practices. 

Lindsey leads with a servant leadership ethos, and expands this ethos into the business landscape through both of her brands. Maison Du & Nadjarina are both brands that cross bridges between existing infrastructures and progressive practices and mindsets to push commerce forward into the future.




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